Friday, November 7, 2014

It's THE L l T T L E things October 2014

It really is the L I T T L E things that matter. Dax ceases to amaze me everyday. His brain is like a sponge and he just soaks up everything. I told him we were going to paint on Halloween Eve and he runs to my bathroom and grabs a towel because he knows we have to sit on the towel to paint and he even says TOWEL! He says everyones names if I tell him too. Anyone that calls I say say their name and he does its adorable. He LOVES his pretend phone he uses in his hand. He calls Uncle Joe Daddy and Papa mostly.
He's saying little sentences like love you momma I'm sorry momma. All done or don't do that. Mommy I want that. Mommy that one or sure mommy.  He's very polite always saying please and thank you and even no thank you. He loves cuddling loves playing with my hair! It's so cute he's a little mini person talking and laughing headache such a big boy.
He love's music! He loves singing dancing and anything musical. Grandma Georgia has a piano Dax love's playing on. Uncle Marshall has a drum set Dax is obsessed with. He recognizes songs on the radio like happy by pharell that's papa Sam and his song they listen together every time they see each other.
He love's puzzles and books and pointing to his body parts like ears feet eye's he can point to everything basically except for like cheeks elbow you know the one's that aren't the major body parts I read him like 5 books a day .He will come to me with books or he will sit in his glider and read and look at his books. He says Book and Rea without the D. He is obsessed with Waffles he calls them faffles.                                           

He loves talking on the phone! Wow I hardly talk on the phone during the day unless someone calls. Papa Sam is his favorite person to talk too.As soon as the phone rings he saw Hello mommy hello until I let him talk.He says hi papa or hi Meme to Megan and Amy. He babbles and is a jibber jabber. He love's coloring whether in a coloring book or on paper. It's cute though he calls it drawing.
Can't believe how much Dax grows from day to day he amazes me more and more.
 He love's cuddling laughing. He love's helping us bake and cook in the kitchen. He says stir. He grabs a chair stands on it and helps. He love's taking bowls out with spoons and baking utensils and goes to town.He love's the car. He love's going bye bye. He still takes good naps in the car too. In just a few short months he will be 2 1\2 I wish I could freeze time.

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