Monday, November 3, 2014

My 27th birthday may 2012

My 27th birthday was awesome! I woke up got my hair done and a spray tan. I was pregnant at the time and was sick of looking like casper. I came home and John made me\my favorite breakfast French toast! We hung out for a bit then went to a movie I was dying to see but after it ended we hated it! What to expect when your expecting so lame! When we got home John had to go to work. A few hours later I met my best friends up in Utah Megan and Elise at Cheesecake factory! We celebrate mine and Megan birthday since they're 3 weeks apart. We had dinner and cheesecake! When I got home I was SO tired!  The next day John and I celebrated and he made me a yummy homemade confetti cake! Happy birthday to me:)



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