Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Endoscopy and all the pain i've been through since Summer November 2014

Well this has definitely been a long 4 months that was greatly unexpected. My stomach started hurting and I thought oh it's because of my cysts nope. After seeing my Ob once a month from July to October trying different thing's like going off everything that's acidic including foods and drinks. Having a bladder cocktail procedure. After 3 months of pain I finally told myself okay go to the GI specialist that Dr Ollerton recommend. So I drove up to Highland to the Central Utah Clinic met Dr Kawa explained my symptoms from bloated stomach sharp shooting pains and not knowing how to feel. He told me to go off dairy for 2weeks that was hard but not as hard as I thought. Then I took these Probotic pills for 2week's and he said in order to find out what is really going on we will have to do an Endoscopy a word that use to be foreign and now I'm fully aware of what it is. Thinking I could get it done a week later I was getting anxious. Turns out o waited 3 week's longest 3 week's ever. Then November 19th came John gave me a blessing and off we went to Timpanogis hospital in Orem where Dax was born. We parked in the outpatient surgery parking. We checked in and a few
minutes later I was called back and I into my room. Room number 133. Luckily it only took the nurse 1 time to do my IV and I even jumped and she got it so that was nice. I have really small veins and it always takes them like 2 to 3 times to get the IV in. So after we were settled we found out that the Dr was running 2 hours behind needless to say 11:30 procedure was pushed to 1:30. Luckily our room was nice but Cold I had a million blankets. We watched a show called flip it to win it on HGTV where ppl buy auctioned off homes and fix them  and sell them it was entertaining. Around 1:15 they wheeled me back on the gurney and left me in the hall for 5 minute I had nurses asking are you okay and I said yes just waiting.  A few minutes later they brought out a girl that had just had an Endoscopy done and she was out cold! I thought oh okay. Now they wheeled me in asked me a few questions the Dr asked how I was and if I was still hurting I replied yes. I showed him by my ribs and all the way towards my belly button. Then they had me lay on my left side they but a drenchers mouth guard in so my teeth would stay protected while the tube went down my throat then the nurse preceded with the medication. Ouch it burned SO bad I felt it for about 3 seconds then I was Out!  I remember waking up in my room. John was laughing because I was so out of it. We took pictures and he took a funny video of me. The Dr came in a few minutes later and said the lining of my stomach is white instead of pink. He said it's not life threatening but I'll know in a week the results of the 5 biopsies. I had mixed emotions I wanted results now I'm tired of waiting but know I need to be patient. I was starving I had fasted for 17hrs so my meal of choice after was In N out so yummy.  When we got home I was so tired I went to bed. Hoping for results before thanksgiving hoping it's a quick easy fix.


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