Monday, November 3, 2014

Papa Frustaci Funeral March 2013

My sweet dear Papa Earl Frustaci passed away on March 15th 2013. I was EXTREMLY sad he was my only Grandpa left. My Grandpa Jorgensen passed away when I was 5 of a heart attack. Papa Frustaci was so funny and had the best stories. After I moved to Utah in 2008 I became really close to him and visited him often. He loved John and Loved Dax. I am so happy he was able to meet Dax. The funeral was March 19th and the whole family was there. It was at a funeral home in Sandy where bubbas was. It was so weird seeing him one last time. He looked cute though. He had a steelers sweater and blanket. It was so hard for me to see my dad say goodbye to his dad. The funeral was lovely. My dad gave a talk and we all said a memory we had about him. It was very sobering and emotional. After we all met at Golden Corral. It was yummy. We all had a good time despite the circumstance. After Jordan and Jaclyn came over and we watched movies and hung out it was fun.



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