Saturday, November 1, 2014

Police Academy Graduation 2013

John Graduated from POST or as must people call it Police academy. On November 23rd the day before thanksgiving. We All Woke Up super early got all ready in church clothes and off we went. When we got there John took us to the Cafeteria and we ate breakfast it was yummy. I also met a few other officers and their families which was nice! After that we went inside SLCC and went up to one of the classroom where all the cadets were. We sat in the back while the cadets sat in their assigned seats. The captain's (the teachers) talked welcomed everyone and they did their class awards talked about the academy and how important it is for your marriage to put your wife first and to not let the work get the best of you. Since in law enforcement it has one of the highest divorce rates odd any career. After we all went into the big Auditorium conference room and waited for the graduation to start. We we're able to take a class picture and hangout with the other cadets families.  Dax ended up sitting by johns captain's for a second and he was reaching for their guns! We were like what?! I took a picture Dax looked adorable. The graduation was incredible. The speakers all did amazing and guess what John was the class speaker for his class I even recorded his whole talk! He did amazing he is such a leader I'm so proud of him. Steve johns dad came and handed him his diploma since he graduated from law enforcement to be in the park and recs department. After the graduation we all took pictures and congratulate John. We went to lunch with Steve after came home changed packed up and went on our way to Vegas for thanksgiving!




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