Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Post Pardum and a 6 week Check Up August 2012

This is a LITLE LATE. As I am blogging and finally catching up I am remembering things I forgot to blog about in the moment. Well although this is Over 2 years ago I still want to write about it. My 6 week check up went fine. I got an IUD and my OB loved seeing Dax. But he said the words POST PARDUM that seemed very Odd and Unfamiliar. He asked me if I had Post Pardum and I said No and shook me head and John said Yes. I knew I had it I was just in major denial. We went to Carlsbad 2 weeks after Dax was born and well bad idea. Dax did great it was ME. I literally cried EVERYDAY on the beach. Anywhere and everywhere. I couldn't control it. My hormomes were a MESS. I just dealt with it. I slowly was okay again and I was able to drive and not be terrified of getting in an accident. I woke up and got dressed went on walks and got ready for the day. Definitely not fun but lesson learned.  It is OKAY to have Post Pardum accept it and deal with it. I had it for a little under 2 months.

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