Friday, November 7, 2014

Pumpkin Carving October 2014

For family night Monday night we choose to carve pumpkins! It was October 27th.only a few days till Halloween. Better late than never right?! It was fun. John carved them all.I attempted a little. Not really my thing. Dax would not touch the pumpkin at all. He kept saying was funny. But he looked inside and was excited obviously because it's out of the ordinary. It took a while that's for sure. We watched house hunters while we carved. Dax was smiling for the pictures and he know nows what a pumpkin is he's very familiar and can point and kind a say pumpkin! I enjoy this because last year we didn't carve pumpkins. Next year I want to get patterns to cut out from so it's a little easier. Nonetheless enjoyable. Family time is the best!


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