Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sealing and a Wedding Reception May 2014

My sweet dear cousin Chelsea was married on May 29th 2014! The reception was the day before. It was up in Sandy at a place called La Jardin it was gorgeous! The reception was the day before because they couldn't find any venues for Friday night the day they were married. All my Jorgensen cousins were there. Chelsea looked beautiful in her dress! Cameron is a great guy they both are extremely lucky. My grandma was there that was fun to visit her. Jordan came with me as well. We visited with our cousins watched the bride and groom dance and eat cake!
The next day was the Sealing. We all got work off. It was at 9am at the Salt Lake temple so we had to get up EARLY. We dropped Dax off at a friends in the ward. We met Jordan at my work and he parked his car there. After we drove to Salt Lake and made amazing time. We parked and walked around the grounds for a bit. Then we went in and waited in the waiting area for a bit. Then we checked in and walked down and WOW  I have never been in a sealing before let alone the Salt Lake Temple it was breathtakingly beautiful. My cousin looked beautiful. The sealing was very sweet and perfect. I can't really elaborate but the spirit was incredibly strong. I was baling by the end. After we all hugged and were balling our eyes out. After they came out as husband and wife and were stunning. We took lots of pictures said congrats and were on our way back to work. It was an unforgettable experience.

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