Friday, November 7, 2014

Sleepover in Syracuse Splash Pad and Soccer Games with Carpenter Cousins August 2014

The last weekend in August we went up to Syracuse and stayed at Stacy and Kelbys. They needed someone to watch Karter because he hadn't started school yet. They all did. Stacy is an assistant principal Kelby is a Teacher and KJ was had already started school So Sunday night we drove up after sacrament meeting and we did the ALS ice bucket challenge. We had dinner some of kelbys family came over too. After dinner John left. We just hung out the rest of the night. Monday karter Dax and I ran some errands picked kj up from school. They both came home we decided to go to the splash pad and park. We stopped at 7 11 to get slurpees and candy. It was actually overcast and cloudy but we still had fun. After the boys got ready for their soccer game's they both won and both scored goals. We got little Caesar's for dinner. Dax played at the park. When we got home we relaxed then Tuesday I got karter ready for his testing took him to school then came home relaxed packed up and drove back to santaquin. I'm glad I could help them out we had a lot of fun. When we got home we went to olive garden for dinner. We missed John slot. He said he didn't like being a bachelor. Love summer time.


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