Saturday, November 1, 2014

Speaking in Church May and December 2013

John and I we're wondering when we would ever speak in church once we we're married. The first ward we we're in was in Orem and we lived there for a whole YEAR! without ever speaking or really doing anything. It was a small branch and probably the weirdest ward we had both ever experienced. I won't elaborate but it felt like we we're in the Singles Ward movie along with some Pilgrim type people. Anyway we moved to Eagle Mountain when we bought our townhouse and thought okay this is it this is when we will speak. Well Nope. We only ever said prayers during sacrament. Although John was in the Elders Quorum presidency which was very draining. So many meetings. We lived there for 10 Months without speaking in church. I would say that is some kind of record or something. Then we moved to Vernal and well after a few weeks they asked us and I was completely NERVOUS and scared. I had rehearsed my talk a Million times. I literally over think everything. It was our conversion to Christ and how we can built up our testimonies. I had talked about a very personal experience my Mom. My parents divorced when I was 9 and my mom was an Alcoholic and it has shaped who I am today for the better. I talked about my love for the savior and how I believe so strongly the church is true. I have seen what my mom has gone through although her own personal choices and know that's not the life I want. I balled like a baby up on the stand. But I knew sharing something personal is what people gravitate to and like to hear. John spoke so eloquently not a nervous bone in his body! No fair. We were also holding Dax back and forth on the stand. That was a little awkward.

The next time we spoke was just 7 short months later, when we moved to Santaquin. I thought we maybe have a month oh no 2 weeks after we moved in the bishop came over Sunday night and asked us to speak the following Sunday. Of course we said yes. Technically we moved in during November but with moving in and the Holidays we didn't start coming to our ward until December. We spoke on the Power of prayer simple yet effective. Johns mom was in town so she was able to watch Dax and listen to us speak. Everyone complimented us and we felt more at home with the ward. After sacrament we went home and took a family picture to remember the occasion and then we we're off to Sunday dinner with Johns sister Stacy and her family.


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