Thursday, November 6, 2014

Summertime Birthday Parties Baseball games Swim Parties and Seven peaks July 2014

Summertime is always fun when there's birthday parties to go to! This summer we had two both in July!

 Cohen turned 1 his brother Liam and Dax are friends. It was at a park in Provo. They had water slides and they played in the sandbox. We had yummy cupcakes and breakfast brunch foods. It was a fun summer afternoon.                                       

The next party we went to was in highland park!  For Dax friend Sammy! They are a week apart! We had pizza and cupcakes and John hung out with Austin. They became friends working at the prison. Brandy and I are great friends! We walked around looked at ducks talked hangout. It was a lot of fun.

we went to a BEES game up in salt lake for Marshals birthday! It was so much fun! Brad came Jeff and the kid's came. We had hotdogs and sodas. The game was going good. Day kept saying ball! So cute. It was perfect weather. Definitely something I wish we suddenly more of. We left early since we had a long drive home. Baseball games are a must during summer

We also had a Summer BBQ Swim party for johns work. John got Dax from Sherelles and I met him on my lunch break. It was a nice little break from work. It was so much fun and at a Mansion House. The backyard was beautiful. The food was great. They even had a snowcone stand.

Lastly in July we went to Seven Peaks with my brother Jordan .We finally bought the pass of all passes at Costco only $60 such a steal!  We parked at Jordan's apartment. Changed and walked over. Less than 10minutes. Dax was scared of the slides but we went on a few and went in the lazy river which if you don't have a tube isn't fun haha!. Dax favorite was the Wave pool! He loved it! We sat and waited for the waves to come. He laughed and smiled. We got dip n dots so yummy. Took some pics and layed out. We walked back to Jordan's got our stuff and left! Fun times. Definitely want to go a lot next summer.

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