Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Surprise Dates for the New Year

Our goal for the new year was to take each other on surprise dates. So for January john took me to the movies and we saw Saving Mr Banks. WOW that was one of THE best movies. It had an amazing message. It was wholesome and happy and sad and serious. It had all of the components to a great flick. In February for Valentine's john took me out to dinner at Olive Garden and to a movie I had been dying to see called Winters Tale with Colin Farrell another good one. In March we didn't do a date because we went to Vegas and St George 2 times that month. April  it was my turn and I surprised john and we went to dinner at Iggys where we had our first date and I took him to see Captain America 2. So good! Also in April john surprised me after work one day and said meet me at the mall in Provo. I did we went to Red Robin and saw Draft day. Another great movie. We also walked around the mall and enjoyed each others company. May was my birthday month so we went to Cheesecake so that counted as our Date even though Dax was with us but on my birthday we got new phones so that was cool June was Johns birthday month and our anniversary so we counted that as our date and we went to Zupas for his birthday and La Jolla Groves for our anniversary. In August we did a double date and saw Teenage Munat ninja turtles so good and went to Chic fi let with Chris and Mandy. In September we went to St George for 5 days and hung out at his parents. We did have a date night and we bought a new SUV a Maxda cx 9. White so nice! October we went to the BYU Utah State Game with my family. It was nice being together and in a different setting than we would normally be in. Also in October we went to the Traverse Outlets and walked around and had Ice cream. That was really relaxing. So that leaves November and December. We will be in St George for Thanksgiving and Vegas for Christmas. So I am sure we will get our Date nights in. It definitely has helped our marriage and love for another. Just doing little things and showing each other we care. It's hard because we were only married for 4 months and then BOOM pregnant. So our time as Husband and Wife is definitely something we cherish and enjoy. We did watch a movie last weekend November 1st and gave each other massages. It is very important to nourish your marriage and give your all to your spouse. I am so grateful for John and his sacrifice's he does as a father and a husband. We communicate more and say family and couple prayers. We are working on Scripture Study as well. Definitely  excited to keep the trend going next year for our surprises dates. I would encourage anyone married or not. It is fun and really helps the spark that much more.

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