Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

Happy Valentine's day! John and I both worked all day. So after work I picked Dax up went to the dollar store brought him a few gifts and candy and we came home and had a little photo-shoot! Dax did great. I found this idea for the photo shoot on Pinterest. I was thinking it my head that it would turn out okay and it did. He looked ADORABLE. I love having a little boy and having him be my hunky cute lover boy.                        

 I bought John some candy and a sweet card! He bought me beautiful flowers. It was sweet and fun celebrating a sweet holiday and it wasn't too over the top. Valentines to me isn't a BIG deal. But one of these years it would be fun to do what other people do and stay at a hotel and make a big deal out of Valentines even though it's a silly holiday to me though.


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