Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vegas And a Greek Wedding March 2014

We left Thursday night. We stayed at my inlaws in Hurricane. We hung out the next morning and dax played in their back yard on their golf course. Love being in the sun! Dax loves it down there. That morning we drove to Vegas.


We went to Vegas the first weekend of March because my brother jonnie was getting remarried. It was an exciting weekend for my family. We drove to St George stayed at night at John's parents house then drove to Vegas the next day. My dad met us at the hotel we checked in dropped our stuff off and went to breakfast at farmer boys so yummy! We took pictures laughed and talked about our new house! After we drove to the house hung out relaxed Dax and John napped.my dad and I went to pet smart looked at puppy's and bought some popcorn at the popcorn store! Best candy chocolate flavors popcorn. We bought some for  everyone. 

Joe and Tammy got to town and we're all excited to be together. Jordan got there later and we all hungout.We drove back to the hotel went to bed. The next day we all  hung out for a bit at the hotel. Paulo and Dax took a bath their favorite and the rest of my siblings came. We walked around the outlets and bought Dax some swim trunks. After we all got ready for the wedding at my parent's.

It was interesting i've never been to a Greek church let alone a wedding. It was different but interesting. My brother looked so happy. After we dropped Dax off at Shelby so we could go to the reception. It was fancy! It was at A country club the food was amazing a 5 course meal. We danced took lot's of pictures laughed had cake! Went and got Dax and drove back to the hotel. Sunday morning we packed up checked out of the hotel and had a big brunch family breakfast at my parents. Visited ate hung out then drove back to Utah. It's always hard leaving my family but I know i'll see them again soon .We stopped in Hurricane and had dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Carpenter and visited. Dax had a blast.



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