Saturday, November 1, 2014

WALKING Daxton December 2013

After MUCH anticipation for months and months people asking if Dax has walked yet...Well Friday December 13th was a Magical day He FINALLY decided to walk. We were getting ready to leave for dinner plans with our friends the Robinson and we were making yummy Christmas Rice Krispies treats and then we left for dinner. When we got there he was taking steps here and there and I wasn't sure if he was really doing it or pretending. He took his "First Steps" In august when he was 13 months old but stopped and never did it again. The next day we we're putting up our Christmas Tree and all of the Sudden Full on Walking!!!!!!! We we're so excited. We recorded it and Dax was so cute he was putting ornaments on the tree.It was a Moment we will never forget and we are so happy to have both been there to see it. Official Big Boy status now.

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