Friday, July 18, 2014

Easter April 2014

Easter was SO much fun this year. We went to Target Friday Night and bought Dax his Easter Outfit and his Easter Basket. I got an Easter dress as well and some cute new wedges. Saturday we did a little more shopping and went to lunch at TGIF in Salt Lake.So yummy we love that place. After that we drove to Syracuse and had a family BBQ with johns sister Stacy and Johns brother \Jeff their families and well as some of my brother in law Kelbys siblings. We hung out and Dax played in the backyard. He was jumping on the tramp and playing on the swing set. He also decided to play T Ball. It was adorable.He wanted to be big like his cousins KJ and Karter. Later in the evening we decided to do a Night Easter egg hunt and Dax Loved it he just ran around with the flashlight it was Hilarious. We grabbed some eggs and candy and then decided to head home because it was getting late. The next day was Easter Sunday we actually didn't go to church because it was Stake Conference. So we stayed home and we put together his Easter Basket. It was fun. I cleaned the house and made dinner. My brother Jordan came down from Provo and we went to the park, had a nice dinner and hung out. We also did a little easter egg hunt in the backyard although Dax had no idea what was going on it was still cute. It was a fun Holiday and loved seeing Dax happy.

My 29th Birthday May 2014

Every year my birthday comes and it doesn't feel like my birthday. It did when i was younger but not anymore which is okay. This year I turned 29! Forever 29 as my sister in law Tammy says. I woke up and hung-out with Dax, got ready for the day and dropped Dax off at the babysitters and drove to my Manicure and Pedicure appt at the Payson Beauty school. It was so relaxing. I decide to get shellac on my toes and nails since I never do so I treated myself. The girl that did it Kat was so nice and we talked about our favorite tv shows and our cute little boys. During I got several texts phone calls Facebook post and Instagram post. It was very thoughtful. After I left I wanted to get my makeup done at the mall for free but I didn't have enough time so I went to the store and decorations for the Young W omens in excellence that night. After that I drove to the church and decorated with another leader and then went home and freshened up and then drove up to Cheesecake Factory in Salt Lake. I have been going there for my birthday since I was 22. I LOVE IT! Although we were seated right away Dax was a wild Monkey. He would not sit still. I was frustrated and John said from now on Birthday Dinners we will just go alone without Dax. We had a Yummy dinner and of course had Cheesecake. I had White chocolate raspberry. Dax sat on my lap while they all sang to me. It was cute. After we left we walked around the mall and actually bought new phones! We needed them desperately. That weekend we celebrated again and John made me a Homemade cake my favorite because it means more. It was white confetti cake and butter cream confetti frosting. It feels like I am still 23 years old. I know that one of these years my looks will catch up to me but until then I will enjoy looking like a 23 year old! :)



2 Year Photos

Daxton recently had his 2 year photos done and they came out so adorable. We drove up to Highland on a Sunday Afternoon and my sweet sister in law took them. Dax played with his dinosaurs and went on a tricycle and well as running around the big open grassy field. His smile and laughter melt our hearts. We are so lucky to call him ours and have him join our eternal family. He is so photogenic and loves taking pictures.I guess you could say he is like his Momma. It was a Sunny afternoon and Dax was in a great mood. He was happy and content. My sweet Sister in Law Amy took them it was so much fun hanging out with her and letting her play with Dax. He is our cute little monkey and we adore him to pieces. We are so blessed to have him in our Family. Cant believe he is 2! It went by way to fast. Daxton John stop growing you hear me! And the best part of all I found his shirt for the Photo shoot at Target for $3 on Clearance Score. Until next year photos. This was a blast and I appreciate my sister in law helping us out and giving up a sunday afternoon to be with us.