Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween 2013

October 31st 2013
Since John was In police academy we decided to celebrate a day early for Halloween as a family. We went to cornbellys at thanksgiving point and walked around took pictures and picked out our pumpkins. Dax loved His surroundings and sitting on the haystack.we also went to Costco and finally picked out his costume. 2 weeks before Halloween. We had a choice between a blue monster or a green alligator Dax chose the Alligator it was cute.

I can't believe this is Daxtons 2nd Halloween. John was at Police Academy all day and night so it was just Dax and I. We went to Target and bought a Pumpkin Halloween bucket for his candy. We were living with Michelle and Marshall at the time In AF. We we're anxiously awaiting to close on our house in Santaquin. That night I got Dax in his Halloween Alligator costume from Costco he looked adorable in it. He loved his pumpkin candy bucket. Michelle gave him his first piece of candy a red licorice. He devoured it. Then we decided to walk around the neighborhood and go trick or treating. We actually went to Michelle ward truck or treat. It was fun. Everyone thought Dax was so cute.after that we hungout on the driveway and had hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. After that we decided to walk around the neighborhood and go to a haunted house with Michelle and Marshall. By the time we we're walking back John called and was on histogram way home. We hungout ate some candy and I told him about our night. I showed him pictures of Dax the alligator. He thought he looked adorable. Until next year!