Saturday, November 1, 2014

Speaking in Church May and December 2013

John and I we're wondering when we would ever speak in church once we we're married. The first ward we we're in was in Orem and we lived there for a whole YEAR! without ever speaking or really doing anything. It was a small branch and probably the weirdest ward we had both ever experienced. I won't elaborate but it felt like we we're in the Singles Ward movie along with some Pilgrim type people. Anyway we moved to Eagle Mountain when we bought our townhouse and thought okay this is it this is when we will speak. Well Nope. We only ever said prayers during sacrament. Although John was in the Elders Quorum presidency which was very draining. So many meetings. We lived there for 10 Months without speaking in church. I would say that is some kind of record or something. Then we moved to Vernal and well after a few weeks they asked us and I was completely NERVOUS and scared. I had rehearsed my talk a Million times. I literally over think everything. It was our conversion to Christ and how we can built up our testimonies. I had talked about a very personal experience my Mom. My parents divorced when I was 9 and my mom was an Alcoholic and it has shaped who I am today for the better. I talked about my love for the savior and how I believe so strongly the church is true. I have seen what my mom has gone through although her own personal choices and know that's not the life I want. I balled like a baby up on the stand. But I knew sharing something personal is what people gravitate to and like to hear. John spoke so eloquently not a nervous bone in his body! No fair. We were also holding Dax back and forth on the stand. That was a little awkward.

The next time we spoke was just 7 short months later, when we moved to Santaquin. I thought we maybe have a month oh no 2 weeks after we moved in the bishop came over Sunday night and asked us to speak the following Sunday. Of course we said yes. Technically we moved in during November but with moving in and the Holidays we didn't start coming to our ward until December. We spoke on the Power of prayer simple yet effective. Johns mom was in town so she was able to watch Dax and listen to us speak. Everyone complimented us and we felt more at home with the ward. After sacrament we went home and took a family picture to remember the occasion and then we we're off to Sunday dinner with Johns sister Stacy and her family.


WALKING Daxton December 2013

After MUCH anticipation for months and months people asking if Dax has walked yet...Well Friday December 13th was a Magical day He FINALLY decided to walk. We were getting ready to leave for dinner plans with our friends the Robinson and we were making yummy Christmas Rice Krispies treats and then we left for dinner. When we got there he was taking steps here and there and I wasn't sure if he was really doing it or pretending. He took his "First Steps" In august when he was 13 months old but stopped and never did it again. The next day we we're putting up our Christmas Tree and all of the Sudden Full on Walking!!!!!!! We we're so excited. We recorded it and Dax was so cute he was putting ornaments on the tree.It was a Moment we will never forget and we are so happy to have both been there to see it. Official Big Boy status now.

Sweet Home Santaquin November 2013

During the summer when we were still living in Vernal we decided to start looking for houses in Utah county and we found a few in payson and santaquin. We looked at 2 houses and a townhouse. We luckily found a cute rambler next to a huge orchard in Santaquin and we put an offer and closed 2 months later! We moved in November 4th Monday afternoon and we were ecstatic! We had a lot of unpacking to do. We finally we're homeowners and owned a Home! It needed a lot of work but it is definitely worth it! We are so happy we decided to leave vernal and move back down to Utah county.Sweet home santaquin we're happy to raise Dax here for a few years. We're excited to ser what this will bring! Lots of new projects new friends and much more!

Thanksgiving and a Baby Blessing November 2013

This year we spent thanksgiving in Vegas with my family. We left Wednesday night we stopped in St George at The In laws. We visited with everyone Jeff and Amy and Michelle and Marshall were there that year. Dax played with his cousins and we chatted for a bit and got back on the road. We got there a few hours later and visited with everyone and finally went to sleep. We stayed at my parents house. The very next day was Thanksgiving. I helped Toni make some side dishes and gravy. We watched the parade on T.V. Dax loved being around my family. We spent thanksgiving dinner at my step sister Shelbys. The food was really good and we enjoyed ourselves .Dax enjoyed the turkey and made a mess it was really cute. all of the siblings were there except Jaclyn Joe and Jarod. After we left we came back to my parents hung out took some pictures and Jordan and I went black Friday shopping at Kohls. I helped him pick out clothes we talked and hung out I gave him some dating advice. We were able to tell everyone about our house we had just purchased in Santaquin . We had moved in a few weeks prior to thanksgiving. It was a fun weekend in Vegas spending time with my family who I don't see often. Every year we switch off so next year we will be with the Carpenters in St George! Fun times




The day after Thanksgiving we drove down to California because my brother was blessing Nicolette . We got there Friday afternoon. We took Richard down with us and got subway on the way. After we got to Joe's we got settled and decided to drive to Riverside where we grew up and went to the Mission Inn and looked at the lights! It was incredible and very crowded. Especially being a Friday night. We all walked around together and took pictures. It was really fun. My Mom came too. After we decided to get Little Cesars Pizza and watch Hone Alone! one of our favorite childhood movies! The next day we hung out in the morning and then we went to Tom's Farms. It is walking distance from their house. It had animals and rides and was all outdoor ir was so cute, The food was amazing and they even had a magic shop. They had the cutest little shops with yummy candy in it. I bought a little bag. After we all walked home and Paulo and Dax napped. We watched some tv and started cleaning the house for Nicolette blessing the next day. That night my mom Jordan Richard and Stephen went to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory. Joe invited us to Janices his Mother in laws for dinner and Birthday cake for Tammys birthday the next day! After we got home we deep cleaned the house then hung out! The next morning we all got ready for Nicolettes Blessing and it was beautiful Joe did an incredible job. Such a great dad he is. After we went back to the houe and all the family and friends came over for the lunch in, After we packed up and drove back to Vegas. The traffic was horrible! Once we got to Vegas we dropped Richard off and visited my parents. After we got back on the road and stayed at Johns parents in St George. What a long fun weekend. So glad we were able to be apart of it.              



Police Academy Graduation 2013

John Graduated from POST or as must people call it Police academy. On November 23rd the day before thanksgiving. We All Woke Up super early got all ready in church clothes and off we went. When we got there John took us to the Cafeteria and we ate breakfast it was yummy. I also met a few other officers and their families which was nice! After that we went inside SLCC and went up to one of the classroom where all the cadets were. We sat in the back while the cadets sat in their assigned seats. The captain's (the teachers) talked welcomed everyone and they did their class awards talked about the academy and how important it is for your marriage to put your wife first and to not let the work get the best of you. Since in law enforcement it has one of the highest divorce rates odd any career. After we all went into the big Auditorium conference room and waited for the graduation to start. We we're able to take a class picture and hangout with the other cadets families.  Dax ended up sitting by johns captain's for a second and he was reaching for their guns! We were like what?! I took a picture Dax looked adorable. The graduation was incredible. The speakers all did amazing and guess what John was the class speaker for his class I even recorded his whole talk! He did amazing he is such a leader I'm so proud of him. Steve johns dad came and handed him his diploma since he graduated from law enforcement to be in the park and recs department. After the graduation we all took pictures and congratulate John. We went to lunch with Steve after came home changed packed up and went on our way to Vegas for thanksgiving!




Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby Showers for Baby Daxton April May June 2012

I was blessed and fortunate enough to Have 3 showers. One in California I was born and raised there since I was 16 I had family and all my friends I grew up with. One in Utah with John's family some of my extended family and roommates and friends and one in Vegas with my step mom  everyone from the ward and my Vegas friends!
The first was in April I was 6 months pregnant and it was in California at my aunt's in Laguna Nigel,.it was HOT! The theme was little man and it was adorable decorated so cute! It was a brunch and the food was delicious crepes and pastries and Kristen had little man clothes hanging up and it literally was perfect! Needless to say I was spoiled WOW I was overwhelmed Dax received so many clothes. My mom couldn't believe it and kept cracking joke's.  Lol my mom got Dax a cute soft blanket a memory book an outfit which I loved the sentimental the better.  we had cute cupcakes took lot's of pictures and reminiscent about all my friends growing up together 



The next one was in Utah in May!  It was cooler needless to say it was in lehi at my sister in laws Amy who is the ultimate party was a brunch with breakfast quiches fruits pastries anything and everything.  I was 7 months. My sister Jaclyn came along with lot's of cousins friends roommates and John's family his mom sisters aunt's and cousin's. It was a nautical sailor theme! Everyone guessed my due date and how much Dax would weigh on a cute card and they each wrote Dax a special note! I received lot's of clothes blankets toys and a really nice humidifier! John's sisters put together an adorable gift basket. Johns parents helped pay for the crib. My sweet grandma even came which was so thoughtful! Very fun taking everything home that day and organizing it. After John took everything and Jaclyn and I had a sister day went shopping hungout and came home had dinner and a movie with John that night




The last shower was in June!  In Vegas it was Extremely HOT! I was 35weeks and ready to pop! It was at my parents house. The theme was jungle animals like monkeys giraffes lions! It was in the afternoon we had salads fruits veggies deserts sandwiches lot's of yummy food! We played a game where everyone wrote Dax a card with a certain letter of the alphabet. It was fun having all my Vegas friends there!  They all spoiled Dax lot's of clothes and ny friend Rachel made a sign for Dax nursery it made me cry!! Toni and my dad bought his car seat and stroller. After everyone left John and I went to target used the gifts cards and then relaxed at home

I was very grateful to everyone and I never want to travel when I'm that far along
EVER again too uncomfortable.