Friday, November 7, 2014

Long Overdue Haircut

Today Dax got a Haircut from Syd my hair girl. He was EXPETIONALY behaved. He had nothing to distract him until the end. He was so sweet and happy. Syd said that it is unheard of to have a 2 yr old behave this well. I definitely took it as a compliment.  She gave him his first haircut when he was 8 months old and even then he was a dream. He has so much hair that he literally needs haircuts every 2 months. He has a Lot of hair and it looks messy and blah if it is not kept short especially since he rocks the combover. Dax loves syd its adorable. She has been my hair girl for 5 years she did my hair and make up for my wedding and even was a bridesmaid. She visited Dax when he was born at the hospital so that was pretty special. I also got a free sample shampoo and conditioner Biolage which was nice and entered in a drawing I hope I win! I'll find out in a few days.


Motherhood and what it's taught me thus far November 2014

Motherhood is the most treasured priceless gift. I always knew I wanted to be a mom
and today marks 2 years and 4 Months of Motherhood. WOW. Daxton Amazes me more and more everyday. From cuddles to laughter to new words and testing me he is my little buddy. I honestly didn't know what true love was until Daxton. I think you can all agree with me your love for your kids is different than for your husbands and vice versa. Daxton has taught me so much from Patience to Unconditional love to being his teacher to letting him try new things even if he doesn't succeed the first time. To being Independent and letting him do things on his own. He has my heart my whole heart. Motherhood is something not everyone experiences so I am very grateful that I am a Mom. Being a Mom is scary and fun and very challenging. Everyday is a new story or experience. You will never look bad in the eyes of your child. Whether your in sweats all day or sick they will love you just the same. Dax is so caring whenever were sad or crying or not feeling good he comes and hugs and kisses us. I am so grateful for his loving spirit. Being his Mommy is the most rewarding thing I will ever experience.


Hallowen 2014

Halloween was great this year! Friday morning Dax woke up at 7 we turned on curious George Halloween movie!  John worked for a few hours in the morning. I cleaned and did the laundry. Very productive. I said happy Halloween to Dax. All week long I've told him about Halloween saying trick or treat getting candy and telling him Shark! He had worn his shark costume last week for John's Halloween party for work. It's amazing what a year does. Last year Dax was 15months barely talking not knowing anything about Halloween. He smiled ate candy but this year totally different story. When John got home we got ready ran some errands and drove up to Sandy to visit my grandma! She loved Dax costume and thought he was so well behaved. We visited and talked. She is so funny! We love surprising her! Dax got some candy! He was excited! He said trick or treat: ) we took some pics and left. After we drove to the Physician plaza in Provo trick or treat there. One of my best friend worked there at the Optical shop. After we were starving so we grabbed lunch at Sensuous Sandwich so yummy! Dax would only ear chips hahaha. After we went home relaxed a bit.We got ready to go out trick or treating. We took some pics of Dax and off we went. It was 6 so still light out and hardly anyone trick or treating. Hallelujah. Very peaceful and quiet. We only went to houses from ppl in our ward. Including our bishops so FUN! We got home right as it was getting dark. That's when the trick or treaters starting coming. We all passed out candy while watching hocus pocus and I make sugar cookies with reces piece Very Yummy considering they were frozen store bought. We called our parents and siblings said happy Halloween and did a little video of us. Dax was adorable saying boo and trick or treat! Dax was so excited and enthralled. He knocked on doors said trick or treat smiled and held on to his Halloween pumpkin bucket! He never once cried or threw a tantrum. It was perfect! He was the cutest shark and by far the sweetest little boy we could ask for!  Happy Halloween 2014! Until next year

Pumpkin Carving October 2014

For family night Monday night we choose to carve pumpkins! It was October 27th.only a few days till Halloween. Better late than never right?! It was fun. John carved them all.I attempted a little. Not really my thing. Dax would not touch the pumpkin at all. He kept saying was funny. But he looked inside and was excited obviously because it's out of the ordinary. It took a while that's for sure. We watched house hunters while we carved. Dax was smiling for the pictures and he know nows what a pumpkin is he's very familiar and can point and kind a say pumpkin! I enjoy this because last year we didn't carve pumpkins. Next year I want to get patterns to cut out from so it's a little easier. Nonetheless enjoyable. Family time is the best!


Halloween Carnival Halloween Party and a Pumpkin Patch October 2014

The week before Halloween was busy! Thursday we went to a Halloween party John's department had. It was in a huge building and it had 12 floors of different themed rooms. Some scary others animate like monster Inc comic con and wizard of Oz! Dax loved it! He didn't cry once! He got a ton of candy! We went to dinner after at olive garden with John's sister Michelle. The service was horrible so we got free desert!
The next night our ward had a Halloween Carnival so fun! I went early helped the YW set up the games. We made candy corn sugar cookies and a rice krispies bundt cake yummy and was the biggest hit!! Everyone loved it!!! We had a dinner and hung out. I took Dax to the games and we played ghost bowling he did great! He got candy and prizes! We waited John had to clean up! And came home Dax was tired!
Lastly Saturday afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch Jackers in springville so fun! Big open & FREE we only paid for pumpkins. There was a petting zoo a live band and a huge open pumpkin patch. We got dirty but it was fun. It was sunny and bright. Dax tried carrying the pumpkins it was cute. We took pictures looked and watched the animals. Picked our pumpkins and took them to our car in a cute wagon! The only thing I would change for next year is go later in the day so we're not blinded by the sun. 

BYU vs UTAH STATE football ball game Conference weekend October 2014

Conference weekend and the BYU game  October 5th my dad came up and stayed here in santaquin from Wednesday to Sunday!  Wednesday night  and we went to Jordan's BYU band concert. It was amazing! Jordan did a great job! After we went to Village inn for pie which took forever! We enjoyed our pie nonetheless. The next day we went to the park with Dax. The weather was so nice! My dad kept saying how much he loved santaquin! It's so quiet clean and nice. After we came home Dax napped and they went golfing up in Heber! Later we met them for dinner at Sizzler! Yummy! We had steak ribs and the salad bar. That night Stephen and Jaclyn came up! Friday we hung out watched movie's talked relaxed.
That night we went to the BYU vs UTAH STATE. Jordan was playing in the marching band for BYU and Jaclyn alma mater is Utah state! We got a tour of the 10grand a season seats WOW they we're nice! We got to our seats in the Utah state section. Took some pics and enjoyed the game. The Utah state fans were rowdy! Dad was getting annoyed.  Stephen had a fun time! I ended up losing my camera I was SO devastated! Life goes on. BYU lost. We met Raul a nice guy Jaclyn is dating. It was late when we got home we went to bed!
Saturday we hungout Jordan came over. He spent the night we all went out to dinner at Old Spaghetti factory!  So yummy. Dax kept wanting to get into the train! Sunday was general conference we watched and had cinnamon rolls the tradition. Every one left that day! Such a fun memorable weekend