Friday, November 28, 2014

Children's Museum of ST George

We got to ST George Friday afternoon and Saturday we decided to take dax to a Free Children's museum. They just asked we pay a $3 donation. It was the cutest little Musuem I have ever seen!
First was a huge play kitchen. Food Stove Table Chef outfit it was literally the cutest thing ever! Dax is really independent and always says " I Try". He cooked and baked and play and made me some yummy food.  They also had a big cow he could milk. Water would actually come out of the Utters he thought it was neat.
Next was the Grocery store.Another cute area. They had food like veggies and fruit. Boxes of food grocery carts and a cash register to check out. Dax loved it! We shopped and dax put all of the fruits and veggies in it was adorable. He loved playing at the cash register with the money.He was in heaven. 

Next was the cute little airport. Dax was a pilot. He had a little pilot jacket a suitcase and a airplane. He loved the controllers and our destination was San Diego California. He looked so cute. 

After that Dax was a Fireman! He dressed up on the hat and jacket. There was a station and a stuff dog Dalmatian. A huge water hose that was too heavy for him to lift. By far our favorite activity he looked so handsome! 

Next was a Science space room. Different experiments and pictures about the planet's and space. 

There was a huge Basketball court Dax John and Grandpa Steve played! Dax loved it.They lifted him up so he could make a basket. He played with the ball and threw it around. He also played in the little gymnasium above. 

There was also a Knight medieval room.  Dax was able to dress like a Knight and have a sword. There we're room's like medieval times. 

The last room was a stage they could dance and sing with a microphone. They could also control the music and lights. Dax loved it we couldn't get him to leave. He got up on stage and ran from side to side in his Fireman uniform and held the microphone but he wouldn't talk or sing into it.
As we were walking out there was a Post office Car and a Blue Post office Mail box. Fax drove it and mailed a letter well he put a brochure in it was cute. 

We left and to our surprise we saw a Huge beautiful carousel tucked in the corner of the building.  We were the only ones around so John dax and I went on! It was magical Fax eyes lit up and he kept saying neigh neigh! He laughed and smiled and took it all in. We had such a fun time we can't wait to go back!