Friday, December 5, 2014

Daxton takes Hollywood First Movie Audition

Dax had an Audition on Tuesday night so 2 nights ago December 2nd 2014 for a small church Christmas movie role. Dax cousins are in acting and have a casting agency they go through and my sister in law emailed us the information. It was in Provo at LDS film company and his audition time was 5:30.We got there right at 5:30 and filled out paperwork and they took his picture. We waited John met me there. We watched other kids come and go some acting crazy while Dax was so well behaved. We finally got called back and they had him sit on a bench and smile laugh and act surprised which he doesn't even know what that means. He layed on the bench and pretend like he was sleeping and covered his eyes. He only had to for 10 seconds and he did it longer they were all impressed. After they thanked him for coming and we left.
After we left and went to Jordan's since we were in Provo. We had dinner yummy fajitas and hung out it  was yummy. He even gave me a Milky way candy bar so Yummy. Jordan loves Dax and loved playing and ticking him. Dax didn't get a callback I wasn't surprised he's young but sure is cute. Until next time.

Thanksgiving 2014

We decided to go down to St George 5 days early before Thanksgiving. John had a ton of sick hour's to use Up. Friday morning we ran some errands John got a haircut I bought a few things and then we we're on the road. Dax slept almost the whole way. We got to st George Friday afternoon. We first stopped in Laws Verkin at Steve's Fixer Upper house. It has come a long way. Dax helped papa with shoveling dirt. He loved running around in the backyard. After we left we went to Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter unpacked freshened up and went out to eat at Durangos. It's a Mexican restart aunt like Cafe Rio. After we came home and watched a movie Saving Mr Banks. Saturday we hung out during the day and went to a children's museum it was so much fun. I wrote another post about it .
Sunday morning we packed up and drove to Vegas. We first stopped at the hospital to visit Stephen.  He was all snuggled under the blanket it was funny.  After we drove to my parents. We relaxed and got ready for church. We only went to Sacrament. It was fun going to my parents ward and visiting.  We had a yummy Sunday dinner.  Roast! one of my favorites. Potatoes and a salad. Brownies for desert with hot fudge Dax  was in Heaven! Loved being home around my siblings and parents.  Monday we walked around the new Downtown Summerlin outdoor mall. Lot's of nice store's. It's was sunny and breezy and felt good. We looked for more outfits for our Christmas card's didn't find anything. After we walked around Target I got a cardigan John got a button up from JC Penny. We met Toni for lunch at Firehouse. So yummy. Dax got a cute fireman hat after we left to my parent's packed up and drove back to St George. That night we drove back up to St George has dinner relaxed and watched the Voice.

  Tuesday we relaxed cleaned did laundry and hung out. Later in the day we went to the park it was fun and a little chilly but not to bad for ST George. Dax loved the slides and swings. We love taking him to the Park it is his Happy Place.

Wednesday John Dax and I spent the day together looking at Model Homes walked around the ST George temple it was beautiful!  It was the first time walking around the grounds. We saw the beautiful Nativity Dax loved it! He wanted to ride the camels and donkeys. Their was a bride and groom that was just sealed. We walked around the visitors center it was small but nice. We learned that the St George temple is the longest standing temple. They had pictures and videos. Wednesday night all of the siblings drove in to town and we all the adults went hot tubbing that night.

Thursday was thanksgiving We woke up and took Family Pics for our Christmas Cards. We went to a huge open park the weather was amazing! After we all changed Fax and John went swimming. We relaxed watched football helped put food together. Talked and hung out with everyone. We played games ate the yummy thanksgiving meal. Turns out Dax loves Olives! He didn't want any turkey. He loved the Sherbet  Punch with ice cream and sprite in it. It was very laid back and fun. We talked about Steve and Georgia parents reminiscing and the kid's recall their favorite memory. We ofcouse had pie. Dax loved Pumpkin! It was a fun day! Dax and his cousins played on the put put course in the backyard the kicked balls around chased each other we recorded them saying happy thanksgiving and gobble gobble!


Friday we went black Friday shopping for Dax at the mall. We got some great deals at JC Penny. We got home kid's went swimming we had leftovers and watched Christmas movies. Later we went to Swig. Its a little drink and sweet shop. We tried the Dirty mountain dew with mango Dax even got his own! The sugar cookies are phenomenal! That night we all went swimming the pool was heated 90 degree so lovely!                                      
Saturday we hiked the Virgin River hike! that Day we packed up and left it was a long week and we were glad to be home! until next year with the Frustacis: )


St George Temple

The day before Thanksgiving we decided to walk the grounds of the St George temple. We loved it.The weather couldn't be more perfect. There was a beautiful Nativity Dax wanted to ride the Donkeys. We said there's baby Jesus and the Wiseman. We walked around and saw a Bride and groom that just got married. We also decided to walk around inside the Visitors center. Small but oh so cute. The old man working in there was so nice. He told us that the St George temple is the longest standing temple ever. I can't wait to go in and do a session it's definitely one of the prettiest and most unique looking temples I visited.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The beginnings of Potty training Tinkle Tinkle

Today was just like any other day except Dax wanted to try to per per on the potty well I've done it before where I put him on the potty and he just sits. Well today he did a little tinkle and he was so excited. Dax is not sorta kinda understanding the concept. He tried another time tonight but nothing. So well probably buy a potty this weekend and start the process. Wish me luck I have NO clue what i'm doing. I'm definitely looking on Pinterest for tips and tricks. I think he's a good age considering he will be 2 1\2 next month. Well see it could take till he's 3 or longer I'm just glad we're finally starting the process. Scary yet be continued