Friday, January 2, 2015

Daxs First Movie Night out Big Hero 6 December 2014

We had always said we weren't sure when we would take Dax to the movie's but on Christmas day when my parents gave us all FREE movie tickets how could we resist? We all went as a family Shelbys family except Don and my little family my siblings not all and my Dad didn't come but Toni did! We brought our Christmas candy from our stocking and John bought us our traditional blue icee movie drink. Dax was pretty excited and content in his booster chair. He got through the previews like a champ and maybe 10 minutes into Big Hero 6 he was out! On his defense he hadn't taken a nap and it was 3:30 when the movie started. We're definitely taking him again after naptime! All in all it was fun!

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 was fun and memorable.  We spent it in Vegas with my family. Christmas Eve John put together Dax black and Decker tool set from Santa and wrapped all of Dax Christmas presents because I'm horrible at wrapping maybe one year i'll practice and try wrapping but for now it's johns job. Everyone didn't wake up till after 8. I recorded Dax reaction and it was priceless. This was Dax first Christmas that he actually knew what was going on and he even calls Santa Ho Ho which is adorable! Dax loved opening up his presents. My parents got him a big etzh sketch and a toy steering wheel car from Target. Georgia and Steve got Dax a toy Cat piano with a microphone. We also got him a few clothes books and a winter coat! Lots of fun stocking stuffers like books little toys candy ABC 123 bath toys. John and I only did stockings this year and we we're perfectly fine with that. I got John a movie called now you see me it's about magic I  got him nice church socks nice dry fit gym socks candy a home depot gift card .He loved it all.  I had shown John a few things I wanted and he spoiled me!! 2 make-up bags a pretty pearl necklace candy a 4 pack chick flick movie's.  Shaving cream. And something unexpected a toy plastic boat...John surprised me we are going on a Mexican cruise in February!! For 5 days! I cried I was so happy and shocked. We haven't been on an overnight getaway since our wedding in 2011. My siblings got blenders socks luggage. The day after Christmas we drove to St George and stayed at Johns Parents. We opened our presents from them. Dax got a cute kitty piano and microphone a John got Running Clothes from DICKS and I got the Target gift card I wanted. All in all wonderful Christmas and going to the movie's Dax seeing his first movie as a big boy was very memorable. Until next year well be at our house here in Santaquin it will be nice not to travel.





Thursday, January 1, 2015

Daxtons FIRST time Bowling December 2014

We decided to go bowling as a family the day before Christmas Eve night. It was so much fun we all met at the Suncoast hotel and picked out our bowling balls. Dad and the siblings came Jordan Richard Stephen Jaclyn and my little family. Jaclyn brought Raul so that was fun! Richard and John were competing and whoever won got Ice Cream. We played 3 game's total and it ended in a tie. I bowled horribly but didn't care and still had fun! Dax even bowled a few times for Stephen it was adorable! John ofcourse helped him. It was a memorable fun night.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve

We woke up and got ready for the day. Jordan and I made homemade pesto Lasagna. It was fun and smelled amazing! After  We decided to drive up to the Temple and show Dax where Mommy and Daddy got married! It was really cloudy but not that cold. Uncle Jordan and Stephen came with us too. We walked up to the gates and I remember thinking wow this was only 3 1/2 years ago? It seemed like yesterday. Dax went straight for the doors. The Temple was closed due to the holiday but I would love to go back and take Dax to the Vistors Center. Dax loved the Natitvy Scene . With Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus the Three Wiseman and the Donkey. He kept saying Neigh and waving to Mary and Joseph it was adorable. John took some great pictures of the Temple and we walked the grounds a little more and took a few family pictures and left. After we left the temple we drove back to my parents and started cleaning the house for the Christmas Eve dinner. We had a Traditional Italian dinner Homemade lasagna salad and garlic bread super yummy! Along with meatballs and sausage. We all hung out and talked. We also celebrate Jordan and Jaclyn birthday.  We had a carrot cake for Jordan and a funfetti cake both we're delicious! After Dax opened his adorable reindeer Christmas jammies he got from Target. We took pics and went to bed it was after 11 & we were so tired! Fun Christmas eve!


Christmas Vacation in Vegas Beliago Gardens, The Park, Mnm Factory and Movies December 2014

We decided to go down to Vegas for a week for Christmas since we hadn't been for 2 year's.  We got there on a Friday afternoon a week before Christmas. When we got there we relaxed and brought our stuff in and watched White House down. We decided to go to Target and finish Christmas shopping for that we got him the Black and Decker tool set from Santa and we got him some books a 12 set little books from baby Einstein and a hardback really nice Collection of Stories of Curious George. Dax kept saying mine mine! We laughed and said nope not Daxtons! When we got home John took the gifts upstairs. Later that day we decided to go to Petsmart with my dad and play with Puppies. We played with a German shepherd puppy it was adorable! That night we went to Costco with Toni and got dinner and shopped a little. The next day John and my dad went golfing and Dax and I visited Jaclyn New apartment it was so cute! Dax laid on her bed and watched George and ate all of her Pezz candy.  After we left I tried getting Dax to nap while I got ready for the day but he didn't want to so Stephen Dax and I went and met Toni at Target! We shopped for stockings stuffers for John and Dax. Well the cutest thing happened Dax fell asleep in the cart!! So many people said how cute take a picture I did of course and he was asleep almost the entire time! After we visited my friend Amanda and her boyfriend Ryan and saw their new House! Sunday was the Christmas Program at my parent's ward! It was lovely and Dax behaved so well! That morning before church we had a Birthday Breakfast for Jordan and Jaclyns Birthday! It was yummy Raul came over too and hung out Dax loves him and kept calling him Roo. Richard came over too. That night we talked with Joe and his family we skyped on the phone! It was fun. CANT BELIEVE the Twins are 24!!!


Monday we decided to take Dax to the park the Garden's park Stephen came was warm and felt so good. Day was loving the sunshine and his favorite the swings. He went on the slides and had so much fun. After we went to Albertsons to Redbox 2 movies and got some treats and snacks
We came back to the house at watched Sherman and Mr Peabody it was adorable! That night the boy's had Subway for dinner and they got me Jack in the box my favorite especially since they don't have them in Utah. That night I picked up Jordan from the airport


Tuesday we went and ran errands with Jordan and Stephen and got lunch at Jack in the Box Yummy! After we drove down to the strip and walked around the beautiful beligao garden's!  Christmas time is my favorite down there. We took pics and walked around. Dax was asleep the whole time. After we walked down to the MGM Grand to the MnM factory Dax loved it! He watched a 3D movie and wore glasses and kept reaching for the MnMs during the movie it wasn't adorable and he was so well behaved. It was pretty cold and windy walking back to the beligao that's where we parked. It was so much fun though.