Friday, January 2, 2015

Daxs First Movie Night out Big Hero 6 December 2014

We had always said we weren't sure when we would take Dax to the movie's but on Christmas day when my parents gave us all FREE movie tickets how could we resist? We all went as a family Shelbys family except Don and my little family my siblings not all and my Dad didn't come but Toni did! We brought our Christmas candy from our stocking and John bought us our traditional blue icee movie drink. Dax was pretty excited and content in his booster chair. He got through the previews like a champ and maybe 10 minutes into Big Hero 6 he was out! On his defense he hadn't taken a nap and it was 3:30 when the movie started. We're definitely taking him again after naptime! All in all it was fun!

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