Friday, January 23, 2015

Sickes all Month LONG! January 2015

Soooo I never thought we would start our year off being sick let Alone all 3 of Us!!! It started with Dax getting a bad Cough and cold. I don't know if he got it from Nursery or from the daycare at the gym.  I took him in to his peds Dr and they said it has to run its course.A week after that my throat started hurting and I knew oh no I'm getting sick. The next day BAM full on Cold i was miserable and so was Dax. A few days later John was hit with a cold. Luckily a week later dad was better but I was getting worse. Usually a cold lasts a week to 10 day's I could feel mine turning into a sinus infection. I went to my primary Dr University of Utah clinic but it was closed because of the MLK holiday so to the ER we went! I was on a z pack but it didn't do anything so I stopped taking it and I was put on Augementen twice a day for 6 day's and we're finally all better! Here's to not getting sick for a year. Seriously I only get a cold once a year and that was enough!!

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