Sunday, February 15, 2015

BABY #2 Finding out and ALL that Other STUFF December 2014

What a SURPRISE this was. Before I tell the GOOD NEWS I want to back track and tell what I went through from starting to try to then finally getting Pregnant...We actually started trying in May After Mother's Day. Although not really I got Super sick with a Cold and I lost my voice for over a week it was miserable. But nonetheless I was OFF birth control so we had the Green light. I was Anxious and Nervous. I had Got my IUD out February 2014 and John was ready to start trying then, me not so much. Dax had just started walking 2 months prior and I had started working full time again. So we waited and went back on Birth Control from March to May. Well Dax took 5weeks to get pregnant so we definitely thought we would be Pregnant sooner than later.....NOT!!!!!

 June and July Nothing. July I started not feeling well I was having all of the symptoms of being pregnant but I wasn't I had a CYST. My intuition was right. We had an appointment with my OB the day we we're leaving for our Vacation. We sat down and talked with DR Ollerton and he said well let's go look. So he did a Ultrasound and he couldn't tell for sure what it was so he sent me over to Timp Hospital so off we went. I was right it was  4cm by 5cm Cyst that's a pretty big size not huge but not small. My DR wasn't concerned so off to Carlsbad we went. The day that we we're leaving to come home my Period came so I thought okay this isn't going to be as easy as I thought. A few weeks later I had another Ultrasound done at Timp to make sure the Cyst was gone. It WAS!!! but sadly 2 more had appeared. I was DEVASTED. I was hurting and bloated all the time. So I met with my OB again in August and he said maybe it wasn't the Cyst that was making me hurt and bloated maybe it was something called INTERSITIAL CYSISTS. A chronic Bladder Infection. So I got off of everything Acidic and followed a strict diet. They prescribed me some meds that made me SICK like throwing up wanting to die. Fast forward to September I went to the ER and the DR said I had another Cyst a UTI and a Bladder Infection. I got on different Meds and felt somewhat better.

So I met with my OB again in September and he tells me that he wants me to go back on Birth Control for 3 months to make my cysts go away. Of course I was devasted because that meant that we would no longer be trying for Baby #2. My OB reassured me that everything will be okay. So I start to be okay with everything and then my Stomach pains worsen in October and my stomach bloats up again so I take him up on his referral for a GI DR. I had an endoscopy done in November and it had shown H Pylori Bacteria. I was on Meds to make it go away they were making me sick so I stopped. After Thanksgiving I was officially done with my Birth Control that was a long 3 months. But glad the cysts were gone and I had a gamelan in place.

I really thought it would take another 2 to 4 Months to get Pregnant considering everything my body went through. So on December 28th I took a Pregnancy Test and about DIED when I saw 2 Lines. I took 3 EPT tests and 1 Clear Blue Digital Test that said I was 3 or more weeks along. I thought this was to good to be true!

 I never thought this was how it would happen with all of those obstancles but I am grateful I am healthy and overcome all of that before having another baby. You never know what is in store. Here's to Baby #2 and having a healthier ME this year and being Happy.

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