Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baby #2 First Appointment January 2015

Our first appointment was Thursday January 29th at 3pm we were so excited. We ran errands before and grabbed some Del before. We got there filled out paperwork and waited. They checked me in,checking my urine and my heartrate. My OB was excited to see us we waited in his office for a little while. He congratulated us on getting pregnant and asked some questions like do you want to have a C Section again or try a V Back again? I looked at him and he saw how un easy I felt about a C SECTION just because with Daxton it was a crazy experience. He assured me that having a C section would be fine and I wouldn't be pushing and laboring for hours like I did with Dax and having a C Section puts getting infections way down. So we agreed C Section. John definitely wants me to have a C Section. We talked about how crazy it was what I went through this time leading up to getting pregnant. We got in the Ultrasound room and I put a gown on. Low and behold Baby was right there and it was surreal hearing the Heartbeat again. I was like okay this is real and I am really pregnant! I was 9 weeks and 4 days at that appointment. He told me my due date was August 30TH I'm like WOW the very end of summer lucky me. I thought for sure it would be a September baby. I will have a C Section sometime that week. We loved getting the Ultrasound photos. They gave me a bag full of Mommy and baby Magazines and coupons. After we celebrated and went to USwirl for frozen yogurt it was yummy. Such a happy day


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