Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dax at the DENTIST! February 2015

I had been putting off Daxton's appointment to go see the Dentist for a while. Everyone told me to take him around age 2 so at 2.5 years old I finally made his appointment. I told Dax about the Dentist a few days prior. He was getting excited. I told him the Dentist was going to brush his teeth and clean them. Luckily Dax love's brushing his teeth so he kinda got the idea. It was on a Wednesday February 18th in the morning. They put on a little bib Gave him some sunglasses so the light wasn't bright. The hygienist put some fluoride on his teeth. He did Amazing and kept bitting her finger it was funny. The tool she uses to clean his teeth He loved he kept squirting the water in her hand using the tool to suck it out . After the dentist came checked all of his teeth and said they look great and that he could start flossing and that they wanted to see him in 6 months and that they could maybe do some xrays next time. After they gave him a goodie bag a toothbrush toothpaste and a flosser. Dax was so happy! Until August when we come back


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