Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mexican Cruise February 2015

On Christmas morning John surprised me with a Toy boat in my stocking it was the last thing I grabbed for. I was Ecstatic and thought February can't come soon enough.
Our long Awaited day came the day before we left for our Cruise to Mexico! We packed the night before and drove to ST George and dropped Dax and all of his stuff off. It was So surreal. I teared up a bit but knew John and I needed this Alone time. We left driving away looking back and not seeing Dax or his carseat and thinking weird! We made it to Vegas spent the night at my parents had in N Out for dinner and went to bed at a reasonable time to get up early to leave for California.
Wednesday February 4th came and off we went to California we filled up the car and bought a few  things from Target and we we're off! We stopped at Jack in the box on our way and got breakfast. The Drive surprisingly went by incredibly fast! Only 4.5 hours and hardly any traffic getting into long beach.

We parked grabbed our luggage dropped it off at the front to the Carnival employees and checked in at the front. We were anxious and the last question they asked since it wasn't on the question are well John left it blank was Are you Pregnant?... I gulped and said no I'm not with a long sigh.. I was 10weeks pregnant and a few days before my OB gave me the go ahead but we forgot to fill out the paperwork. The first day was so exciting! We got our picture taken professionally by the Carnival Employees and we're off to lunch we we're starving and of course had some desert! We played mini golf walked around the entire ship and saw everything. Later we had a tour of the spa and even entered a drawing but we didn't win it was a long shot.After we went back to our room and got ready for dinner. We ate at the dining room it was so relaxing and nice. We ate with 2 other couple's Lisa and Mike Melendez from Arizona he was a Retired P. O Offer so John and him had a lot to talk about. And an older couple Jo and Don from Canada. We both had steak and after I went back to the room and unpacked John gambled a little bit and we fell asleep watching Finding Nemo we slept Amazing!

The next day we we're in Catalina Island! I was so excited everyone told me how beautiful it would be! We woke up John went out on the deck early and took some pictures I got ready and watched t.v. We ate breakfast in the dining room and then we waited for our section to be called to get on the boat to head to Catalina. It was a short boat ride over. After we got out we walked the shops took pictures held hands it was so fun! I bought a cute hat John bought a watch and a shirt and we even found a cute  We bought some ice cream and walked around town. We walked through their real estate and post office. We even found a big cute pink Hotel. We were off the ship in Catalina for a total of 3 hour's. After we got back we ate lunch and played mini golf. That night was our formal dinner Captains night. We were excited about get dressed up! That night we decided to eat alone without any other couple's. We had a delicious dinner I had Prime Rib John had this delicious amazing spaghetti with white sauce. John had flan for desert and I had this chocolate kit Kat tasting cake it was to die for!!! That night we met our Amazing server Conrad from the Philippines he was nice and so funny! We told him we were from Wyoming because that's the only state he hadn't served anyone at. Our friends we met minutes before told us what to say. They were best friends and so nice. After dinner we took our formal pictures and walked around. We went to the late night comedy show it was awesome. We got a coke to stay awake. After we went to bed we were Exhausted.

Next day was Escenda Mexico! We got up John went out on the dock took some pictures when I was getting ready. We ate at the dining room again headed out to a bus to get into Escenda. We decided to buy an Excursion through our Tour guide because it was half the price that carnival cruise was charging. We took a bus about 45minutes to a flee market and the Blow Hole. The drive was scenic and pretty. All of the Mexicans we're begging us to buy anything and everything. We headed towards the blow hole and took pics. John told me how he went years prior and went Kayaking down there. It was beautiful. After we walked through the flee market we bought some souvenirs for Dax a blue guitar and a tambourine. I was looking at the Michael Kors and Louis Voutian purses as soon as I touched one they immediately thought I wanted it so they started throwing prices out and I kinda walked away John gave them cash because he thought I really wanted it but I didn't so we got our money back I was relieved. After we grabbed some Churros just samples they we're yummy before we left the flee market I bought 2 little bracelets. We got back on the bus and drove back to our ship. We decided to have lunch lay out and relax.After we played mini golf got soft serve ice crram and relax In our room we napped. We ate dinner in the dining room and went back and fell asleep early.

The next day was Saturday at it was our day at sea. We woke up and ate outside and then after laid out for 2 hours then ate lunch outside. After we got ready for the day and went to a game show and John answered a question right and got on stage. He played Connect 4 with 3 little kids it wad cute and fun to watch. I took some pictures. John's teamed lost but he won a free little mini game called Scrabble. After we stayed and they had a Q & A with the cruise director and some employees. It was really interesting they work 6 months on isn't that crazy?! After we went back and relaxed got ready for dinner had a yummy dinner in the dining room with our friends from Arizona Martin and Lisa. They celebrated their 23 wedding anniversary. The servers danced and had a last night dance party it was awesome! We even took a picture with Conrad our server from the Philippines we had for 3 nights. After we went to a Karaoke Lounge and had some sodas are watched people sing it was quite entertaining. After we went to a Madri Gras party where they had a DJ and they were throwing bead necklaces everywhere I got 3! We went to a Late night Comedy show and we loved it! When we got back to our room we packed up everything and went to sleep. We woke up the next morning ate our breakfast outside and left by 8am . We got to the parking garage loaded our stuff and drove to Vegas. We stopped at firehouse and ate lunch then stopped at my parents for a few minutes visited and then got back on the road to St George. We were so excited to see Dax! He looked so Grown up after not seeing him for 5 days! We told them about our trip and gived Dax lots of hugs and kisses. We had dinner and left shortly after and drove home. Until we go on another cruise we our so grateful that we we're able to come.

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