Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Zoo Day April 2015

Last weekend we decided you have a family day and go to the zoo. It has been almost a year since we've been there for Dax 2nd Birthday. We weren't sure how the weather would hold up. Before we went we went shopping at the outlets in the mall it was really funwe got too busy around 2:30 and or able to eat lunch right away we had yummy burgers and fries and soda. After we walked around the first animal we saw was the lion he was so cute and playful!!! Their wasn't very many monkey's out which made me sad. The elephants we're cute because there was a baby elephant Dax was so excited!! We saw the sea animals next and Dax was in heaven. It was adorable!!! After we saw the dinosaur statue and walked into the indoor reptiles and birds exhibits. Thankfully we did because it started raining!!! We enjoyed our time looking at birds snakes etc. After we saw the Zebras Tiger's and lastly the Giraffes. We went into the gift shop looked and browsed we didn't buy anything. It was such a much needed fun family day! 

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