Monday, April 6, 2015

Officially Potty training Daxton April 2015

Today is Monday April 6th and we have Officially started Potty Training! We introduced Dax to the Potty 4 months ago in November and on New Years we bought him a potty cover for the big Boy toilet and he would go on and off every once in a while. We decided to buy him Big Boy Underwear for his Easter basket we got him Ninja Turtle Underwear because he loves them! I was nervous and excited. He woke up around 9am and had breakfast and we started around 10am. First he picked out his underwear he had 7 ninja turtle underwear to choose from and I told him that he would be going on the potty all day. He helped me set the timer on the microwave for every 20 minutes. His first time he was successful and went pee. I gave him 2 jellybeans. The second time he didn't go. The third time he did and he was still dry in between those other times! He did have 2 accidents within an hour of each other and surprisingly he didn't care. I saw the puddles of pee and asked him what happened. I know this wearing underwear thing is all new. He then had lunch and went a few more times and now for the real test. Naptime for 2 hours with his big boy underwear on. To my surprise he woke up completely dry with his undies on!! I really can't complain today's first official a potty training has gone way better than I ever could imagine! We potty trained from 10am to 7:30pm and he only had a total of 4Accidents!!! Here's to tomorrow and counting this process  

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