Monday, April 6, 2015

Wedding dress shopping in Vegas and Gradma Frustaci Staying the Week March 2015

I was able to go down with Dax to Vegas the last weekend in February. My little sister Jaclyn was trying on wedding dresss and of course she wanted me to be there. Dax and I left at 5am on a Saturday morning and an hour into our drive we hit SNOW. It was bad..I was literally terrified. It was 2hours of pure torture driving slow and hoping we wouldn't hit anyone and vice versa. Thankfully we made it and ST George was full of rain. Then Vegas was sunshine. After I brought my stuff in and changed and left it was 8 hours later. We went to 4 different bridal shops and we also went out to eat. I loved being able to hangout with Tammy all day! Jaclyn found her dress it's beautiful and totally her. After when we got home we all hung out together and the kids played. Joe and I had some bonding time and went to Walgreens and to fill up my car. The next day we all went to sacrament to my parent's ward and came back and had a early dinner. We played lies and spies and had a great time. The next day Jaclyn my mom and Dax and I we're on the hunt for Bridesmaid dresses. We went to Fashion Place mall and found nothing! We went to David's Bridal and found nothing. After we went to Meadows mall walked around went to the Disney store Dax had a blast and we got some Mrs Fields Cookies yummy! After we went to In N Out for dinner and Dax loved the fries! After we dropped Mom back off at Jaclyn's apartment. We went back to the house hung out and watched Bachelor.



The next day we packed up and drove back to Utah. We stopped at Del to grab some breakfast. After we hit the road. Dax slept on and off the way home. Once we hit Cedar we hit snow. It was horrible and so cold! My Mom was freezing and wanted to go back to sunny Las Vegas, We ate at Jimmy Johns and filled up. After we grabbed Dax a Milkshake he barely had any of it and the second we got home he threw up! I felt so bad. I started unpacking a little and Dax took a shower with John and got cleaned up. Then John went grocery shopping which was super nice. We relaxed the rest of the night. The next day we hung out and that night Jordan came over and we had spaghetti. It was really fun. The next night we decided to go out to dinner so we took them to Family Tree here in Santaquin. After we came home and relaxed. I watched the baby that day and it was hard because him and Dax we're both having bad days. Friday we cleaned and watched the baby I ran some errands and we made tacos that night. Saturday we drove up to Sandy for my Grandmas 83rd Birthday Party it was fun. After we went to dinner at Pizza Pie it was so much fun! That night we played Monopoly. Sunday John and I went to church came home made dinner and relaxed. Monday was a chill day. That night my sister called and said she got Engaged that was awesome!Tuesday My Mom Dax and I drove up to Sandy for the day and had lunch with Grandma, Susan and Julie. We talked hungout all day and they all loved Dax. That night we got Jimmy johns for dinner my mom loves it and hung out. Wednesday I finished my moms laundry and picked up Jordan from his place and we drove my Mom to the airport but grabbed Del first. It was a fun visit. Can't wait for another.


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