Monday, May 25, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day weekend started off wonderful. My sister Jaclyn and her Fiancé Raul drove in from Vegas and Stayed the Night. After they we're settled showered and changed we drove up to Provo and picked up Jordan and decided to go Mini Golfing at Trafalga. It was hard to Golf with a group of 5. Dax LOVED it and enjoyed every second. He would take his golf club and hit the ball and say I win Wahoo! It was adorable! Jordan and I tried keeping score with each other because we we're pretty close almost the whole time. After we played arcade games and we each had a tootsie roll from the tickets. After we decided to go to Pizza Factory in Provo for dinner. We shared Pizza and had yummy breadsticks. After we dropped Jordan off and we came home and Jac and I watched Greys.   

Saturday we hung out had breakfast and drove up to Orem. We went to Sweet tooth fairy and I had a free cupcake for Mother's day and John bought a cupcake and Dax got some Cake Bites! It was yummy but almost too sweet. After John dropped me off at Ross and I walked around and grabbed a skirt to wear for Mother's day at church. We came home relaxed and John left for Overtime at the prison. Dax and I watched Horton hears a who he loved that movie! We did a Mother's day craft and played and relaxed.
Sunday was Mother's day and Jaclyn came over she made me eggs and a bagel and John went to sleep since he worked a graveyard. We hung out and Jac curled my hair for church and then we left and went to first hour. Left after that and drove up Payson canyon and took Mother's day pics. After we grabbed stuff for dinner and John surprised me with Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake YUMMY!
We had a delicious dinner Chicken Carbona bow tie pasta I found it on Pinterest and John made it exactly. I was in heaven. Jordan cleaned up the kitchen and we watched Just go with it.
all in all great Mother's day. I loved having my siblings here.


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