Thursday, June 25, 2015

John's 32nd Birthday June 13 2015

Summer birthdays are so much fun! This year we decided to go to Seven Peaks . We woke up I made John and Dax scrambled eggs and orange juice. After we got ready and left for the day. We went to Target walked around I bought John a new tank for his swimtrunks we bought some water and trail mix for seven peaks and picked up Jordan. We bought our tub and parking pass for the summer. Dax was so excited! He kept saying big Water park. We got settled and went in the wave pool Dax LOVE it!! He was the cutest little fishy. The waves would come up and he would laugh and laugh. John took him on a few of the slides! After Jordan and I took him to the kid playland water area he loved it but the water was freezing. Next we did the lazy river that was relaxing. After we did the wave pool again and decided to leave so we could go get John a birthday lunch! We ate at Pizza Pie Cafe we all ate way too much including Dax everything was so good! John got a free birthday ice cream desert. After we dropped Jordan off. Came home napped watched white house down and grabbed stuff. Stopped at Maverick I grabbed us Slurpees and Dax helped me make John's marble fudge birthday cake! It was delicious!! We sang happy birthday and relaxed the rest of the night.



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