Tuesday, June 30, 2015

McKenzie's Ballernia Baby Shower June Vegas 2015

Saturday June 20th I had my Vegas baby shower and It was So hot that weekend in Vegas they even had a extreme heat warning. My dear  sweet friend Angela Hosted and threw me a beautiful ballerina baby shower last weekend in Vegas. It was HOT! I was surrounded by family and close friends. We played a few games which were having a clothespin and you can't say Baby the whole time you are at the shower and whoever does has to give their pin away. A lot of people were good at it and others we're horrible. It was funny and entertaining. The next game was picking out safety pins out of a bowl filled with rice. The last was an original game. It had Mckenzie full name spelled out and you had to spell as many words as possible. My step sister Shelby won that game. She came up with 37 words! We ate and chatted. It was very relaxing and low key. Opening up McKenzie's presents was so much fun. It finally felt real like I was having a little girl. She is set on her newborn wardrobe that is for sure! Loved getting her bedding from Grandma Toni. McKenzie even got 2 new pairs of shoes! They we're adorable! It was fun to celebrate her and how excited we are for her to join our family. We had yummy food Fruits and Veggies, Chicken Salad Croissant's sandwiches, a bundt cake and cupcakes. I appreciate everyone coming and showing their support. The decoration's we're adorable. From the pretty Pink TuTu wreath to the Pink and Gold mason jars. I loved it and appreciate everyone coming and showing their support for our sweet McKenzie. McKenzie got her newborn wardrobe all set it finally made it seem Real that we were having a GIRL. Getting cute headbands and little shoes we're adorable. It was overwhelming and wonderful. You only get baby showers once in your life and I definitely cherish them . I didn't share all the pictures just a few that I wanted to and with friends and family that I adore.


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