Thursday, June 25, 2015

Splashpads and the Park to start out Summer June 2015

The first week of June it was finally Sunny and felt like summer. It literally rained the whole month of May. Dax and I went to 2 different Splashpads that week. The first one was in Spanish Fork next to the big park we always go to. Dax was scared at first but after a few minutes he was as happy as a clam. It was pretty crowded and I forgot a towel so I was laying on Dax's and I didn't bring any snacks I definitely needed to be better prepared. The water was a little cold but felt refreshing. Dax would keep running back and forth to me it was cute. I love summer and being outside and doing fun stuff with Dax.


The next Splashpad we went to was in Santaquin next to a park as well. It was smaller but still fun. We brought snacks and towels and I layed out. There wasn't as many kids but it was still fun nonetheless. Dax even played at the park a bit since it was right next store. We haven't been back since but plan to all summer long.
Next we went to the Park that week as well. The Park is Daxton's Favorite!!! We usually go later at night when it is cooler and when Daddy works late. We always walk there in the stroller and we talk the whole way there. We talk about the Blue Sky and the birds and anything else . Dax favorite thing at the park is by far the swings! He loves them. I always say do you want to go high in the sky? He always says yes smiles and laughs. Lately he is liking the slides a lot more. I love having one on one time with Dax at the park, I truly cherish our time before baby sister comes in August.


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