Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3 Year Old Little things July 2015

I can't believe Dax is 3!!! It literally blows my mind.
When people said that Dax would change from 2 1/2 to 3 I thought how much could he change? Well let me tell you!
Potty Training
He went from starting the potty training process at 2.5 not really knowing anything. We were both hesitant but went in full force the day after Easter and introduced Dax to big boy underwear! He loved wearing them and the first week was rough but I can happily say after 2-3 week's Dax was officially potty trained. He went without a timer he knew his body and when he needed to go. Its been 2 months and hes he's doing amazing so much that he wears underwear to bed and hasn't had a single accident! He always says Momma PEE or Potty train. He always wants me to watch him. He loves it and loves his Big Boy Underwear. I let him pick out his underwear everyday and he loves putting them on himself . He has been dry every night for 2 weeks. Just in Underwear. We are extremely blessed.
Big Boy Bed
We knew we wanted to give him a big boy bed by his 3rd birthday so we did in April. Little did we know he would LOVE it. It was definitely time to transition and he did amazing. He love's showing anyone that comes over his big boy bed it's absolutely adorable. He sleeps through the night he even will say sweet dreams it's nap time and take a nap. Yes he still takes naps lucky me. He usually takes them from 1-3 or 2-4. He definitely needs them otherwise he is crying whining and cranky. He loves going to bed and never fights us. Anyone that comes over Dax loves showing them his bed! His exact words are Come on do you want to see my Big Boy bed? It is weird to even think that we kept him in a crib for as long as we did.
ABC and 123...
A few months back John would start singing the alphabet with Dax every night. He would astart watching the leap frog ABC movies in January. He would recognize letters when we were put and about and say A B C etc we always started counting 123 for a few weeks and gradually we would count 1-10 while he was in the bath before bed or while he eats lunch. Now he can sing ABC song perfectly and can count to 10! He recognizes letters and numbers everywhere.  
He love's colors! He knows White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, yellow, Gray. Basically all the colors of the rainbow.! Whenever we are out he will always tell us what colors he sees and what colors he is wearing. His Favorite colors are Blue and Green.
Favorite sayings 
What time is it?
I guess so
You're the best
You're my favorite 
I want a treat 
Stop it
Yes I do

Favorite foods and Treats 
Scrambled eggs 
Pop tarts 
Fruit snacks 
String cheese 
Candy red vines
Ice cream 

He love's the park he love's the swings slides climbing teeter totter he love's his friends
Grayson Dax Sammy Emmett Braden Christopher Nyxon Liam Cohen Cole Brody Gavin Lucas Eli Owen to name a few. He love's animals he love's his surroundings and Pointing things out when we're driving.He love's being happy and cuddly. He has such a sweet and darling personality. He speaks incredibly well for a 3 year old 

Favorite shows 
Mickey mouse clubhouse 
Handy Manny (tool's)
Curious George 
Phineas and Ferb

We couldn't ask for a sweeter CUTE little boy to have our family start out. He will forever be our monkey and he love's signing his favorite song's are Twinkle Twinkle little star and You are my sunshine.


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