Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July 2015

What a fun 4th of july Weekend we had this year. Friday Pre 4th of July fun we went to Seven Peaks Water park since we have season passes. We got there before they opened and we're some of the first people to get in. It was weird seeing it so empty but it was Early. Michelle and the girls came shortly after and we set up our stuff. John got a Cabana which I was forever grateful. It was HOT needless to say. We went in the wave pool a lot it was refreshing and relaxing just sitting there with the water sun and waves. Dad loved everything. He calls it the big wawa park itself adorable. We took him to the Kiddie park and that water is SO cold it feels amazing! It was so crowed by noon it was crazy. John and Dax only went on one slide because it was so crowed. The girls took Dax to get a snowcone we got pizza for lunch! I can't believe we we're there from 10-4:30! We came home napped showered went to the grocery store and relaxed!


  Our actual fourth of July was so relaxing. John put up the B board in McKenzie nursery it looks amazing.I cleaned the house and relaxed. Later we went and bought some groceries and fireworks. We had cereal for dinner so nice hahaha. We did fireworks outside our house Dax loved them! He kept saying again again and calling them his friends it was cute. Our neighborhood also set off illegal fireworks so that was fun to watch. We made yummy smores and enjoyed the night. We we're in bed by 10:30 so nice!


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