Saturday, July 4, 2015

Father's Day weekend Vegas and St George June 2015

We were able to take a week long vacation to Vegas and St George for father's day weekend. We left Tuesday night for St George. We got there unpacked and  relaxed. Wednesday we went swimming all day it was hot and fun! Dax tried Floaties and loved them. It was definitely something new for him. After we all took a afternoon nap and went to Swig when we woke up from our Naps came home had dinner and watched T.V. Thursday we drove down to St George walked around target bought a few things John got a haircut and we walked around the mall. Came home went swimming and BBQ. After we napped watched all showered. John Dax and Steve went to home depot and family fun center and went go cart racing and water boats. John said they had an amazing time. Georgia and I went to a Relief Society activity and dinner. We made outfits for stillborn babies it was humbling.After I drove home packed up our stuff and relaxed.

 We arrived in Vegas Friday Morning. We stopped at my parents and unloaded our stuff. Grabbed Stephen and headed to the movies. Luckily we got there earlier and there was even an earlier time to see Inside Out! Dax saw the previews back in April and had been begging us to see it ever since. Dax would always say See my Show! It was adorable. We got there and it was crowded because it was the Premiere but we we're excited nonetheless. We had our candy in my purse, John grabbed us an Slurpee and water and we we're good to go. Dax sat all by himself and loved it! He never went out and walked around or fell asleep in previous movies so this was a success. He laughed and talked and was his usual self! It was so fun to see him so Happy. After we went to the mall in Henderson and shopped and had lunch. After we went back to my parents napped and Dax went swimming and played with Penny. John and I left shortly after and went out for our anniversary. It was so HOT in Vegas. I was honestly miserable. When we got home the power was out! I wanted to die! It was so hot. Luckily it came on maybe 20 minutes later. We hung out all night and I helped Jaclyn pick out her favorites for her Engagements. Later that night we went to bed. Saturday morning we went to Target and walked around. We bought curtains for Daxton and McKenzie's room. We stopped and got Jack in the Box. One of my favorites. They don't have in Utah. When we got home I got ready for my Baby Shower. That was really fun. After we hung out and stayed home. Sunday was Fathers Day. We went to sacrament and then had a family lunch. After Dad, John and Don opened presents and cards. We took pictures and hunt out. Shortly after we left and drove back to St George. We had dinner went swimming and relaxed. The next morning we packed up drove by the La Verkin House that John's parent's we'e flipping it turned out beautiful. After we stopped at the outlets and John bought a new pair of running shoes way overdue. We stopped in Filmore for lunch at Costa and then headed home. It was a fun trip.











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