Friday, July 31, 2015

Splashpads, Park dates, Seven Peaks and a Pool Party July 2015

July has been a fun month of being in the water. We have gone to the splash pads several times and Dax  just loves going. He always is bashful at first with the water and then I can't get him away. We usually go in the early afternoon before nap time. We bring snacks and water and my tommy Bahama beach chair. I usually go in with Dax and he loves running around and touching all of the water sprinklers. We usually go for an hour or 2. I love seeing his happy smiling face. It is fun and convenient since we can go anytime and I can take him by myself without it being to hard.

The park is by far Dax favorite place. We have been going on the cooler breezy days because it feels so good to be outside. He still loves the swings and loves climbing and going down the slides over and over again. He recently loves the tetter totter and will go by himself and make friends. Dax is very social and loves having friends and being very talkative. It is fun to watch him interact with other kids. Our favorite park is in Spanish Fork next to the Splash pad and the Costco. We stay for hours and he loves running around. It is relaxing and fun.

We have gone to Seven Peaks a handful of times over the past month sometimes at night and other times in the afternoon. It is definitely more enjoyable in the afternoon since it is less crowded and its sunny and the water feels cooler. The last few times we have gone at night Jordan has come and we go to the BYU creamery after it is so much fun. From eating Hamburgers garlic fries and ice cream to spending quality time with Uncle Jordan. Dax loves the slides and the kiddie pool. He always says let's go again! It is so cute. The wave pool is sometimes fun other times it is so crowded it is hard to enjoy. We are so happy that we bought season passes last summer because it isn't to far away.

We had a pool party for John's work this month. It was at the same place it was last summer in Lindon at a mansion house. It was so much fun. We all went swimming and ate yummy sandwiches veggies and cookies. Dax loved the snowcones and cotton candy. John and Dax played basketball in the pool it was adorable. It was so refreshing to swim in a pool. All of John's Co Workers we're very nice and welcoming. It was nice of his Department to put it on. Can't wait for next year.


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