Saturday, October 17, 2015

First Night HOME as a family of Four August 2015

We left the hospital as a family of FOUR on Thursday night August 27th 2015 around 7pm . I had signed all the paperwork earlier that day and couldn't wait to go home! John loaded the car and had 2 kids in tow and we we're off. We stopped at In N Out for dinner and ate it when we got home. But to our surprise our AC had broke talk about worst timing EVER bringing home a 3 day old Newborn baby and still Summer we we're dying! Our house was a mess from laundry everywhere our bags everywhere from all of us being away for 3 days. We literally ate our dinner and all got in bed. Daxton slept the whole night his first night at home. McKenzie is a different story she was literally up every 2 hours exactly.It was a long night. Thankfully Dax slept in his bed the whole night. Hooray. The next morning John and Dax went grocery shopping and did laundry and cleaning. I kept resting and recovering. And of course cuddled baby McKenzie. Not to bad for the first night as a family of FOUR I am so thankful for my heavenly father for blessing and giving us McKenzie into our sweet family.


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