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McKenzie's Birth Story August 2015

McKenzie birth story is nothing i would of ever imagined. I had my last Dr appt Friday August 21st and i was dilated to a 2 and 80% effacted. My OB asked if i wanted to be induced that Sunday at 39 weeks on Sunday August 23rd and i kindly declined because i wanted her on August 28th the scheduled C section date John and i picked. Little did i know McKenzie would be coming on her own timeframe.
Monday morning August 24th came and well i woke up and my contractions were out of control. I had a hair appt that night so i told myself and McKenzie to let me get my hair done. That morning i cleaned did laundry and packed our bags finally.John kept asking me how my contractions we're at i said im getting a lot and they're super painful. To get my mind off of them i went to Wal-Mart and got Daxton big brother basket. I got him a few coloring books a slingy candy swimming floaties etc.Came home packed all of our bags did some laundry, The original plan was John and Dax would stay in a hotel in lehi just down the street from the hospital and my parent's we're going to watch Dax.Well they say to never plan because your plans never workout how you expect or want them to
Afternoon rolled around and i knew i wasn't going to last till night. We hurried and packed our bags and headed out. We call the hospital and tell them what was going on and they thought I had preterm labor so they told me to take a bath and Tylenol so I decided to go to my hair appointment anyway even though I was in excruciating pain and my contractions were unbearable and even though they hurt like hell for that hour and a half but I got my hair done and felt amazing afterwards. During that time my mucus plug had fallen out as well so I knew it was go time as soon as we left.The drive from provo to lehi felt like an eternity and I'm just breathed through my contractions as best I could and try to stay calm and focused. We got to the hospital and parked and John ran and grabbed a wheelchair and dac and him push me into the hospital it was pretty cute I feel like I was in a movie they wheeled me upstairs and John and dax left to go drop him off at his brothers who lived down the street. I was trying to breathe through my HORRIBLE HURTING contractions and saying the F word in front of the nurses I was hurting so bad and I kept saying sorry. They kept asking me why I had a C section with my first baby and I kept saying I can't talk right now please.
I was admitted and dilated to a 3  and my gown was on next for the thing I've been dreading the IV. Yes i am such a wuss. I have super small veins and it always takes them 2-3 times to get it. This time it took 2. It was so hard staying still because my contractions we're hurting so bad. Like i didn't even know pain Like that existed no seriously.  I kept saying the F word because the pain hurt and i just wanted to be done. John came back and said Dr Ollerton my OB was on his way on his day off at that and next thing i knew John was suited up looking like my McDreamy!! Next thing im being wheeled in to the OR.The 2 nurses and cute Anthsetlogist we're holding me down so that they could do the spinal tap. I literally was hurting so bad.The next thing i know im freezing my teeth are chattering so the cute anthselogist covered me in blankets.My OB said hi and said let's do this and started the procedure. I could feel the tugging and pulling.At the last second McKenzie went breech and he pulled her out by her feet! Even worse the first 30 seconds she was mute. I kept saying why isn't she crying?! Then i heard her beautiful cry! And they gave her to me and i held her in my arms. I cried tears of joy! Took picts and held her being wheeled out of the OR.
We got to our room John bathed her cuddled her we posted picts and send them to our siblings parent's and friends.It was so nice because we had so much privacy. The nurses checked me and McKenzie every 2 hours and only 4 babies we're born that day including McKenzie. That night and every night ee we're in the hospital she stayed in the nursery that night so we could sleep. The next morning John picked up Dax and they surprised me with flowers it was sweet. Daxton meeting McKenzie was adorable and he was such a protector and in awe of her. That day we had more visitors coming friends and Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter. They loved sweet McKenzie they gave her lots of love and loved playing with Dax. That night John's siblings Michelle and Jeff and their cute families came we we're so excited! That night John and Dax left and stayed at his brothers. More friends came. Wednesday morning the boys came back and we hung out all morning. Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter came back and visited. I had more friends come as well. Wednesday night john stayed the night with me. it was really nice to hang out alone we had our celebration dinner together where we got to have chicken and potatoes salad and cheesecake. We watched tv and hung out. More friends came.
Thursday morning John went picked up Dax.Then my OB doctor Ollerton came to see me. He hadn't since i had McKenzie. He said that everything looks good and is happy that I was feeling fine we took pictures and talk. After more friends came and we were so anxious because we are going home that night. The nurses we're so sweet and did McKenzie footprints for me. We hang out all day and got things ready to go later that day John's sister Stacy and her family came and visited it was really fun after that a few more friends came and we packed up and we're getting ready to leave. After that I signed all the paperwork to get discharged and before we knew it we are walking out the hospital doors.
It was such a miracle that we left and nothing bad happened to me after I had McKenzie I had so much stuff happened after I had accident with preeclampsia and it just it just seemed like it just seemed like a nightmare. We left and got in and out. It was so good to have real food. When we got home already see this out so we can come of the very end of August with a newborn and had no air conditioning we were so mad must leave you made it works with fans in the first night we survived. McKenzie got up every 2 hours to eat it was a long first night.
Unfortunately it never goes as planned the next day was Friday and my parents and family came up and it was really fun to hang out though on Saturday I started feeling really bad and getting the chills and I was completely swollen from my legs and feet. I have the impression to take my temperature and I'm so glad I did because it was 101 I knew something was wrong and I had a fever and I prayed that it wasn't what happened last time with Dax when i had an infection in my uterus. Well i called my OB office and told the nurse my symptoms they thought it was a Uti and my OB was on call and said to go to the hospital in Payson since it was close. I cried leaving Dax and McKenzie. John and my Dad gave me a good a blessing it made me feel better John a hug me and said do what I have to do just to get feeling better. Toni took me. I was hunching over in pain. They got an IV in right away and the morphine gave me an instant migraine. I I told the doctor my history and what happened after I had Dax and I had an infection in my uterus and lo and behold the doctor came back and told me that is what I had I cried my eyes out I was so mad. He talked to Dr ollerton my OB and he said I can either stay at the Payson hospital or go out to the Lehi hospital where he was and where I have McKenzie. I opted to go up to Lehi. Well i was taken by ambulance because i had IVS in and they couldn't risk me going in a car in case something happened. Toni rode in the front seat. It was a long miserable bumpy ride. We finally got there and I was back in the Womens center of the hospital where I had McKenzie and I saw a lot of the nurses that I had they couldn't believe that I was back it was around 3 a.m. when I was able to go to bed. The next day I was being monitored and given pain meds all day. I slept most of the day and John came and visited me. That was Sunday. I had a friend visit me and brought me dinner that was nice. Monday came and I was really hopeful that I would be able to be discharged but that didn't happen I was so upset and cried almost every second I was there. McKenzie was I'm a week old and I was in denial that I needed to be with her. It was so hard. That morning my parents came back with my brother and my dad gave me another blessing. They talked with the nurses and my doctor I'm really concerned because we found out I bacteria growing in my blood. I had a cat scan done just to make sure everything was okay and everything was. Luckily I was able to be discharged on Tuesday morning and I was so happy I sell my OB and he told me to hang in there and that everything would be ok and I see him in 2 weeks I was so weak and fragile. I got home and it was a long hard week but I managed to it I stayed and helped out it was such a blessing I really hope that if we have any more kids that I can have a smooth delivery even though I have an exception and they're hard on that I won't have any more infection but knowing me that probably won't happen. My OB said infections after deliveries happen to 5% of women and 100% of me. Let's hope that's the last infection i have.                                 









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