Thursday, November 12, 2015

First day with my Littles Alone September 14th 2015

My first day alone with the kids was surreal to say the least. I woke up thinking can I really do this alone? I had help from day 1 since McKenzie was born. From John being right there by my side to My parents coming for 5 days and Toni my step mom staying another week and Georgia My mother in law staying 3 days. I was definitely spoiled but needed all the help I could get because I had a C Section which is major surgery and you aren't allowed to do much of anything for a week and a half. Literally you lay around and you can't clean or lift over 20pds. You can't vacuum. It was hard for me because I clean everyday and never sit still. But I needed my rest and to heal. Especially since I had a infection in my uterus. That Monday morning came and I was nervous but knew that everything would be okay.  McKenzie slept lots. I tried to sleep/nap as much as I can since I was complete sleep deprived. Dax played and we watched TV and movies. I cuddled McKenzie and relaxed. It wasn't hard at all. That night we got sugar cookies and drinks at Sip N and diapers at the store. It was fun.

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