Friday, January 23, 2015

Sickes all Month LONG! January 2015

Soooo I never thought we would start our year off being sick let Alone all 3 of Us!!! It started with Dax getting a bad Cough and cold. I don't know if he got it from Nursery or from the daycare at the gym.  I took him in to his peds Dr and they said it has to run its course.A week after that my throat started hurting and I knew oh no I'm getting sick. The next day BAM full on Cold i was miserable and so was Dax. A few days later John was hit with a cold. Luckily a week later dad was better but I was getting worse. Usually a cold lasts a week to 10 day's I could feel mine turning into a sinus infection. I went to my primary Dr University of Utah clinic but it was closed because of the MLK holiday so to the ER we went! I was on a z pack but it didn't do anything so I stopped taking it and I was put on Augementen twice a day for 6 day's and we're finally all better! Here's to not getting sick for a year. Seriously I only get a cold once a year and that was enough!!

Our week with the Millers January 2015

My sweet Sister in law Stacy had back surgery at the beginning of January and I told her Dax and I would come up after and help out. We did and sadly enough Dax ended getting a really bad cough a week prior and I ended up getting a cold! Dax got better as the week went on but I got WORSE!!!!! I was miserable. Dax loved playing with his cousins KJ and Karter or as Dax calls them JJ and Kar. We got there on a Sunday afternoon and that day we watched Frozen and Planes. Planes was really cute, we had never seen it before. Monday we hung out with Stacy and I ended up going to the store and getting Dax and I some medicine and nasal sprays. We watched lots of George and Jake and just hung out. Dax  played with the boys when they got home from school everyday. I helped by getting anything Stacy needed and cleaning the kitchen and picking up the house. Wednesday the 14th was Karter's 6th Birthday. Dax and I went to the store and got everything we needed. We got Candles Cake mix frosting and dinner. It was a fun night. We had homemade Mac n Cheese and Grilled Hot dogs. A chocolate cake with fun fetti frosting. Dax loved helping Karter open up his presents. We ended up going home Friday morning because I was completely miserable. I ended up getting a Z pack from the Pharmacy that day. Hopefully next time I help we won't be sick.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day January 2015

New Year's Eve was fun this year. Dax and I went to the gym in the morning on New Year's eve.  Came home hungout went to the bank and cleaned the house. We decided to get Costa for dinner and watch a funny movie called What Happens in Vegas! After we played Candyland in Dax room. He loved it! And guess what he won! He was so excited! He threw his hands up in the air he was so excited it was adorable. Surprisingly Dax stayed up until about 11:55pm I rocked him to sleep and got in bed in time to get my New Year's Eve kiss from John!

New Year's day we had a yummy breakfast pancakes and eggs. We relaxed and enjoyed the day at home. Dax played with all of his new toys from Christmas. Later in the day we decided to  out to dinner. We went to Los Hermanos in Provo a yummy Mexican restaurant.  After we wanted to go to Costco but it was closed.  So we went to Target walked around and got Dax a new sheet for his crib and a Potty Cover to start the potty training process. Came home and all cuddled in bed. I love my little family. Great day to start the New year.