Saturday, May 2, 2015

Officially Potty Trained May 2015

Well it's Official!!! Dax is Potty trained! We started Monday April 6th and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The first week was definitely trial and error. We did a timer every 20 minutes from 9am-6pm accidents 3 or 4 but that was expected. He loves his big boy Ninja Turtle Underwear and even slept in then when he took a nap and didn't have an accident during naptime till day 5. By day 5 he no longer needed the timer and went on his OWN!!! The next week got better and we only had a few accidents within a week. He was getting it and totally understanding the concept. By week 3 be was a pro. I even was brave and had him in underwear at church by week 2 & he did incredible! He love's going poo poo and I call him the poo poo king and he love's it! He goes whenever we are Target the mall at the gym. Today is May 2nd and we finally decided to celebrate! I took him to Sweet Tooth fairy and we got cake bites and a chocolate fudge cookie. Dax loved it! It was fun to reward him and let him know how proud of him we are.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family Zoo Day April 2015

Last weekend we decided you have a family day and go to the zoo. It has been almost a year since we've been there for Dax 2nd Birthday. We weren't sure how the weather would hold up. Before we went we went shopping at the outlets in the mall it was really funwe got too busy around 2:30 and or able to eat lunch right away we had yummy burgers and fries and soda. After we walked around the first animal we saw was the lion he was so cute and playful!!! Their wasn't very many monkey's out which made me sad. The elephants we're cute because there was a baby elephant Dax was so excited!! We saw the sea animals next and Dax was in heaven. It was adorable!!! After we saw the dinosaur statue and walked into the indoor reptiles and birds exhibits. Thankfully we did because it started raining!!! We enjoyed our time looking at birds snakes etc. After we saw the Zebras Tiger's and lastly the Giraffes. We went into the gift shop looked and browsed we didn't buy anything. It was such a much needed fun family day! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Payson Temple Open House April 2015

We had the opportunity to go to the Payson Temple Open House which is Minutes from our house. Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter came up from St George from the day. It was breathtaking. I remember my first Temple Open House it was in San Diego California and I was 8 years old. I know Dax will not remember it but it is special nonetheless. He was so reverent. The Temple was very earthy and different in a good way. I can't wait to go all the time. We saw a video before we entered the temple. It showed different temples all throughout the world. When they showed the Las Vegas Temple all lit up at night it brought a smile to my face. That was where John and I we're sealed. I nudged him and he looked up and smiled and said that is our temple, it was cute. It was a fun sacred family experience. Whenever I go into a sealing room in the temple it brings back all the memories from my sealing day. The outside was beautiful the Flowers were bright and colorful. We took some pictures and went to lunch after at Pizza Factory. It was a fun family day.



Big Boy Bed Daxton April 2015

We have been talking about getting Dax a Big boy Bed for quite some time when we found out we were pregnant with baby number 2 we knew we would have to do it eventually. so we put the bit the bullet last week and we bought him his bedding and his boxspring and mattress and a headboard and footboard. John repainted the headboard and footboard with chalk paint and we put it together one night and it looks great we didn't know how he would react .He was excited at first then jumped on his bed all night and then when it came down to going to bed he was a little scared so he cuddle with us in our bed and then fell asleep in his bed .It's been about a week and he is on cloud nine he sleep so well for naps and goes right to bed for bed time he is such a big boy and growing up so fast we love our little man.