Thursday, July 23, 2015

St George Vegas and a Bridal Shower July 2015

We went to St George last week for the night before heading down to Vegas for my sister Jaclyn's Bridal Shower. We got there relaxed and ate dinner. John and Dax went swimming and I hung out and relaxed in the backyard. Stacy and Kelby we're there with their boys it was fun. Dax loved hanging out with Kj and Karter. He loves his cousins it is adorable. After we decided to go to Dairy Queen and get Blizzards. It was late like 10pm but it was still fun. Dax did wonderful. He sat there so quietly and ate his mint blizzard. After we came home and all went to bed we we're exhausted.

We left for Vegas that next morning and it felt like an eternity getting there. After we got into town we checked into the hotel and visited with Toni. After we got settled into our room and relaxed for a bit. Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got Jaclyn her Bridal Shower gifts. After I dropped the boys off and they napped and I went to Target and grabbed a few other things. After I hung out with Toni and got ready and went with her to pick up Jaclyn's wedding dress and to have her try it on again. It was really fun. Jaclyn looked like a beautiful bride. After we decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner, that was so much fun! We celebrated Dax Birthday there with my parents and Stephen. Dax was so well behaved. My parent's were pleased. We had a delicious chocolate birthday cake. Dax blew out his 3 candles it was cute. After we went back to the hotel and relaxed and I went over to my parents to help get food ready for the Bridal Shower the next day.

The next day was the Bridal Shower. We got up and had breakfast at the hotel and got ready and went over to my parents house. We helped wrap presents and get food together. Once we we're there we we're so excited. It was at Sister Ringers house which was beautiful. It was decorated so cute! The food was by far the best I have ever had at any shower. It was so diverse. They had Mexican, Salads, fruit and veggies eggrolls chicken salad sandwiches and much more. The deserts we're even better from Cheesecake Bites to Bundt Cakes to Macaroons. Jaclyn had a wonderful time and got some amazing gifts. The games turned out great as well. After we went back to the hotel changed and relaxed at my parents. We went to Don's Birthday party and hung out after My dad and John gave me a blessing of comfort since I was hurting so bad and to get through my pregnancy. That night jac came back to the hotel and we pigged out on chocolate and gummy bears and watched T.V. Dax was so excited. He kept saying he loves jac and wants to marry her and that she is his girlfriend it was adorable.  The next day we had breakfast filled up the car and drove home. We we're happy to be home and be done traveling for a while.





Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daxtons Third Birthday Aquarium Three Year Check Up and a Party at Home July 7th 2015

Daxton's THIRD Birthday was so much fun. We woke up and I sang him Happy Birthday by the end he was covering his ears it was quite hilarious. We got ready and drove to Megan's and hung out for a bit. Papa Sam and Grandma Toni called and sang and wished Dax a Happy Birthday. Dax took a pic with Stella since it was her Third Doggie Birthday too. We ate a Birthday Breakfast at IHOP and Dax ate his funny face pancakes. Which he LOVED!!!! He is obsessed with Funny Face pancakes and Eggs of course. I had pancakes and Megan had breakfast as well. I was so happy to take him there. Stella and Dax share the same Birthday they are both 3! So Cute!




 After we drove to John's work and picked him up. We then raced to Dax 3 year check up, we we're running super late. We we're so excited to see Dr Cox. We hadn't seen him since Dax 2 year check up. He couldn't believe how much he had grown and changed into such a Big Boy! He was weighed and went from 25.5 pds at the age of 2 to 30 pounds at the age of 3. We told Dr Cox it's because Dax eats eggs and protein shakes all the time. He is our little brute our little beefcake! He couldn't believe that he is fully potty trained and in a Big boy bed! Dr Cox said that he is developing right on track. His height is great he is still growing at the same pace and that is normal. It was a fun visit. We told him we are expecting baby #2 a Girl in late August and he congratulated us and told us to make sure we still have quality time with Dax one on one that that is very important. Dax loved playing with all the DR stuff. Dr Cox gave him cute Blue Dr gloves since it was his birthday! We thanked him and said see you in September for baby Girls first visit!


Next we left and headed for the Aquarium up in Sandy. We we're really excited because we had heard all the hype about it. We got there and started walking through all the different exhibits. The fishes were so cute. We loved how colorful everything was. Dax loved the turtles and was scared of the sharks. We we're able to touch the Jellyfish which he loved. Dax is very visual like his momma and loves touching things and seeing things. The birds we're very colorful and Dax would say Chirp Chirp. It was relaxing walking around. Mine and John's favorite were the sea Otters and the penguin's they were so cute! We finished in a hour and were starving so we decided to do a late lunch early dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.

We got to Old Spaghetti Factory and there was hardly anyone there so we ate in the Trolley! Dax was so excited. We always go when they are busy so he is never able to eat in there. We all ordered yummy food. Dax of course got Spaghetti and loved it. We filled up on bread and salad so John and I didn't have desert. It was so relaxing and quiet. Dax told everyone that it was his birthday and that he was 3 it was cute. After we left came home napped and made his dinosaur cake and opened presents it was a very relaxing chill night. We can't believe Dax is 3. It goes by so fast. We are so happy with how much he has grown and learned.