Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Second and Third Trimesters of my Pregnancy Baby #2 McKenzie

The First Trimester went SO fast. I took a pregnancy test on December 28th a Sunday morning. We had just gotten home from Vegas for a week long vacation for Christmas. I was a little worried because my period hadn't come in November and here we we're the end of December and it was nowhere in sight. So I decided why not take a test it was POSITIVE!!! I called John and text him a lucky he was working that morning he was excited and decided to take another test together still positive we thought it was too good to be true with everything that happened to me prior with my medical problems.
 I called my OB the next day and made an appointment a month later for January 29th. That was the longest month of my life. The waiting seemed forever. I took another Pregnancy test that was a digital test that could tell me approx. how far along I was. It said at least 3 weeks so then I was thinking of a possible due date. Then Bam at 6 to 8 weeks I had morning sickness. Mostly at night it was HORRIBLE. I didn't want to eat anything. I couldn't look at the kitchen sink if there was leftover food out and the smell would kill me. Then I got sick with a cold that turned into a Sinus Infection. It was awful!!! I called the nurses at my OB office and they prescribed me a Z pack. It did nothing after taking it for 3 days I stopped. After I went to our Primary Dr but they we're closed because it was a holiday and I was desperate to get better so we went to Timp. They prescribed me Amoxicillin and a Antibiotic. I felt better within a few days. A few days later we had our First Appointment we we're SO excited. Dax started kissing my belly on Jan 29th after our First Appointment. John kissed my belly for the first time January 4th.
I started working out after my cruise around Valentines day. I started riding the bike for 2 to 4 miles and lifting weights. I started showing around 12-13 weeks. I was in denial. I thought no way. My OB told me some people show a lot sooner with baby #2. So around 13 weeks I started showing it off. I still felt amazing minus occasional nausea. Around 2-22 I showed it Off. The First trimester went by so fast and it was so surreal not even knowing how far along I was at my first appointment.

2-25- First Nudge
2-28 Another nudge
3-7 More nudges

Sub Sandwiches
Mexican Food
Chocolate Cake
In N Out
Bread from Italian restaurants


First Trimester Appointments

1-29 First Appointment 9.5 weeks along Hearing the heartbeat, getting 2 ultrasound photos and finding out the due date

2-24 2nd Appointment 13.5 weeks along hearing the heartbeat. That was a fast appointment

2nd Trimester

2nd Trimester we officially announced that we we're Pregnant on Social media via Facebook and Instagram. It was on Valentines Day so it was cute! Everyone was so happy and excited for us. The next week at 13 weeks I started using my body pillow and sleeping on my side. I started "Officially?" showing my bump. From here on I had nausea a lot and heartburn started around 16-17 weeks. I am still craving the same things. Dax loves kissing my belly everyday and talking to baby McKenzie. I love working out and taking Dax on walks and to the park. My back is starting to hurt because im carrying around Dax and he is close to 30pds. Week 18 3-29 Officially posted a bump pic on social media I am now 135pds gained only 6pds so far. I am now 23 weeks and have gained four more pounds.I am officially 139. I have been working out 3 to 5 times a week doing three to four miles on the bike and doing it about a mile and a half on the treadmill and working out my arms legs chest and back. Heartburn is consistent and I'm starting to get tired so I know nap when Dax naps. I'm officially 24 weeks so I'm 6 months and I am up 12 pounds so that's pretty dang good I've been working out so much in keeping her heart rate down and I feel amazing I still get braxton hicks a lot and still have a lot of messages and especially when she hears music or the TV is on or we talk to he. she nudges now morning noon and night all hours of the day.

4-20 Braxton Hicks 
4-30 nudges
5-4 nudges and nudges 
5-10- dancing to music 
5-13- nudges
5-18 Glucose Test 
5-27 hiccups

Sub sandwiches

2nd Trimester Appointments

3-25 3rd appointment Hearing the heartbeat and saw Mckenzie on the ultrasound machine. 

4-20 4th appointment 21week's hearing the heartbeat doing the gender ultrasound checking for abnormalities making sure she is perfect. It was a long fun appointment. John went to high school with the Sonographer that was fun. She checked from her head to her toes very through and detailed. McKenzie was puckering her lips and crossing her legs she looked so comfy! Sax kept kissing my head and saying Momma are you okay? It was adorable. I LOVED seeing her profile her beautiful face and head cute little arms with fingers and feet and toes. John was in Awee. Dax kept saying baby Kenz! we were able to get 10 ultrasound pictures as well as a little video when we did it with Daxton we only got 4 pictures and it wasn't as detailed since Our OB did it so is really really fun experience
after we left and walked around the outlets in Lehi and got some ice cream it was a fun way to end our exciting day

5Th appointment 5-18-15 Glucose Test 
We got to valley OB got my blood drawn at waited an almost hour We saw dr Ollerton and he couldn't believe how big Dax was! We heard her heartbeat 160 and I was measuring perfectly at 25weeks 
Third Trimester 
Feeling great working out 3-4 times a week stay active even though I'm experiencing Braxton hicks all the time! Mostly only when I'm doing my cardio whether on the bike or walking around the neighborhood. I keep pushing and going because I know it's important today stay fit all healthy because after I have her it will be that much easier to loose the weight.

5-31 officially 16pds gained 
6-10 McKenzie Finally kicked 28.5weeks I drank orange juice and I felt to little kicks on my right side it felt like her foot 
6-13 John's birthday McKenzie kicked all day it was so much fun 
6-16 6th appointment heard heartbeat talked about delivering at New lehi hospital 
6-20 McKenzie ballerina baby shower 
6-21 30weeks feeling amazing 
6-28 31week's officially 20pds weight gain 
7-2 stranger at the mall tell me I'm the cutest ball of cuteness 
7-3 seven peaks had a stranger tell me how 
amazing I looked and loved that I was showing bump off and embracing my pregnancy.
7-10 appointment did the whopping cough shot heard heartbeat and did a urine culture to make sure I had no infection since my kidney was hurting 152 pds
8-3 36weeks I had the group B strep test done and got my cervix checked I am dialted to a 1 ant totally pleased. I am in no hurry and would love to have McKenzie on the day we chose for our scheduled c section.
8-10 37weeks saw dr  Jones since ollerton  was booked im 155 pds still im 1.5 cm dilated 80 percent effacted
8-21 38weeks 5 days LAST Appt heard the heartbeat cervix dilated to a 2 asked if i wanted to have her Sunday the 23rd haha my ob said it's my last appt dax got dr gloves it was fun said we will shoot for friday 8-28 

Chocolate milk
Beef jerky

I can't believe I'm a month in to my third trimester I'm 31weeks tomorrow as of 6-28 and hoping to schedule my c section for August 28th so 2months exactly before McKenzie comes. I haven't worked out in 2weeks Dax got strep then we went on vacation and I got sick when we were coming home. I've had a cold cough but starting to feel better. I can't wait to finish out my pregnancy healthy happy fit and strong. This pregnancy is so much more enjoyable because I know what to expect how to eat better exercise and really take Care of myself and McKenzie. I'm now 32.5 weeks starting to get uncomfortable breathless sleepless nights but still enjoying my pregnancy
.I haven't worked out in a month due to vacations sickness etc here's to the last 8 week's and pushing through. McKenzie love's sweets pizza salads fruits veggies. I'm now 34.5 weeks I'm 152 officially gained 23pds still feeling good except back pain and kidney pain. Staying as active as I can
I am 36 Weeks! it is so crazy to think that I only have a month left. It really does seem like yesterday that I found out we we're pregnant a few days after Christmas on that sunday morning. I really have enjoyed being pregnant minus the sleepless nights raging heartburn and back and kidney pain. I know that it is such a blessing and I would never take it for granted. I am now 36 weeks and I am 156 I have gained 27 pds and still have back pain. I can't believe I only have a month left!
 Well I am now 39 weeks!!!!! I had my last OB Appt Friday August 21st it is now 39 weeks im and feeling good im 39 weeks today and can't believe i am having McKenzie in a few short days i need to pack all our bags get my hair done do laundry grocery shopping and get the carseat in the car...i gained 28 pds im 157 little did i know i would have McKenzie at 39 weeks and 1 day! 
Stay tuned for her birth story

Last WEEK together as a Family of 3! August 2015

Well we started off our last week together as a family of 3 Friday the 21st by going out to Breakfast at IHop we met up with my friend Elise it was so much fun.Next we went to Valley OB in AF for our last Dar appt so bittersweet. Dr Ollerton said can you believe it your last appt. He said everything looked good strong heartbeat and asked if i wanted to do my C Section that Sunday August 23rd i said no little did i know what would happen Monday the 24th. I was dilated to a 2cm and 80 effacted. After we left and drove to my Grandma's in Sandy. She was so excited to see us and loved my belly. She kept saying it was perfectly round like i had a basketball in it. We visited with Uncle Scott and Aunt Amy because they we're there in town. After we left we went and visited with our realtor Sheila after we grabbed slurppes and candy and relaxed. My new phone came and later we cleaned and did laundry.Saturday i met up with Jordan and we all went to In N Out for lunch after John ran errands and went home to finish the nursery and Jordan Dax and i went to the mall Costco target ross . It was fun but a long day. Jordan went shopping for clothes garments etc After we got home relaxed.Sunday we watched movies all day started laundry. Monday morning August 24th was a little different. John went to the gym came home and well i kept getting contraction after contraction ekkk i was in denial about it there was still so much to do little did i know we would have McKenzie that night! Our week as a family of 3 turned into 4 days. Stay tuned for McKenzie birth story

Shabby Chic Utah Baby Shower July 2015

My Shabby Chic Utah Baby Shower was so much fun and relaxing. It was at my Aunt Susan's in Sandy. The decorations we're beautiful my cousin Amberly did an amazing job. The food was perfect we had salads veggies fruits rolls and some amazing deserts. It was a open house type shower people came and went. I loved having all of John's family there supporting McKenzie and I. I had great close friends come as well as cousins from my mom's side of the family. Everyone had a wonderful time. I'm so happy I was able to celebrate my sweet baby girl McKenzie.