Thursday, November 12, 2015

First day with my Littles Alone September 14th 2015

My first day alone with the kids was surreal to say the least. I woke up thinking can I really do this alone? I had help from day 1 since McKenzie was born. From John being right there by my side to My parents coming for 5 days and Toni my step mom staying another week and Georgia My mother in law staying 3 days. I was definitely spoiled but needed all the help I could get because I had a C Section which is major surgery and you aren't allowed to do much of anything for a week and a half. Literally you lay around and you can't clean or lift over 20pds. You can't vacuum. It was hard for me because I clean everyday and never sit still. But I needed my rest and to heal. Especially since I had a infection in my uterus. That Monday morning came and I was nervous but knew that everything would be okay.  McKenzie slept lots. I tried to sleep/nap as much as I can since I was complete sleep deprived. Dax played and we watched TV and movies. I cuddled McKenzie and relaxed. It wasn't hard at all. That night we got sugar cookies and drinks at Sip N and diapers at the store. It was fun.

McKenzie 2 week checkup and a Playdate September 2015

We we're so excited for McKenzie 2 week check up. We we're excited to see DR. Cox again since we hadn't seen him since Daxton's 3 year check up. We got there and only waited a few minutes. We saw the Nurse that always helps us and she was friendly as usual.  She measured McKenzie's Head it was BIG like Daxton's was. 14.6in 91% percentile. Next they took her to the scale and weighed her in her diaper, she was 8 pds even 37th percentile. After Dr Cox came in and congratulated us on McKenzie and asked us how everything went. We told him. He then said we'll me and McKenzie share a birthday! How fun and cool is that?!! He asked if we had any concerns and i briefly told him how McKenzie has formula coming out of her nose and it freaks us both out. She cries like crazy when it happens. He reassured us that it's a normal reaction and reflex. We didn't know because it never happened with Dax. He told us she looks healthy and right on track. He congratulated us again and said see you in 2 months. After the nurse came back in and she did the MKG where she literally pricked McKenzie foot 20 times for several different diseases. She had a hard time at first because her blood was coming out slow. After we left and went out to Saratoga for lunch errands and my Dr appt.





  McKenzie's first playdate was fun. We went to the park in Saratoga and met up with our good friends. After we went back to their house and had dinner and desert visited and all the kids played. It was so much fun. The weather was great. Fun fall day