Saturday, December 3, 2016

Walking Mckenzie December 2016

McKenzie took her first baby step 2 days after her first birthday and I got so excited and happy. We'll fast forward 2 months later and she decided to start taking baby steps at 14.5 months old! Here and there and then come 15 months and she's walking more and more crawling more than walking and come the start of December and she's waking more and crawling less. Well the day finally came where Mckenzie decided to full on start walking, Around December 1st. We were in California for a week and after her walking for almost a week I decided to post her walking video at Disneyland it was adorable, She has been unstoppable ever since.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

McKenzie on a reflux Med December 2015

At McKenzie 4 month check up I talked to Dr Cox about getting McKenzie on a re-flux med she has been spitting up like crazy since she was born and it wasn't getting any better. He prescribed a med to help her and we started her on it and it has helped greatly. 

Carpenter Family Christmas party December 2015

Our annual Carpenter Family Christmas Party was December 19th 2016 at Jeff and Amy's, It was during the day on Saturday and all of his siblings came. Everyone brought food and we first watched old home videos and laughed and talked. We waited for everyone to get there and started the party. Once everyone arrived we started getting things together and started eating. The food and deserts were tasty, We all relaxed and everyone visited with one another. After that we all went down to the basement and played the white elephant game. It was a blast. Dax got a Playdoh Ice cream set. All the kids played and the girls talked. After we drove up to Jeff and Amy's new house that they are building after we drove home, We got the kids settled down and laid in bed and watched TV it was relaxing.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Santa Visit Reindeers and letters to Santa December 2015

A week or so before Christmas we we're able to go to a Christmas Workshop in Springville. Our Dentist office and everyone in that Plaza opened their doors and let us play. There was Reindeer's Hot Chocolate and most of all Santa!. It wasn't too crowded and the weather was great, We went to see Santa First. We wrote him a letter telling him what we wanted (what Daxton wanted) He had so much fun asking Santa for wht he really wanted which was a Bike and then we got in line. I didn't know what to expect with how both kids would react to Santa. We waited a bit and then it was our turn. Daxton was so excited. They both got om his lap and smiled as we took their picture. After we walked around each of the offices and were able to enter into drawings and get candy as we go. Dax had a lot of fun and didn't want to leave. After we decided to stay out and we went to a late lunch at Olive Garden and then Christmas shopping at the Orem mall. It was so much fun to just spend the day as a family and be in the Christmas spirit.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015 Vegas

It was our year to be with my family for Thanksgiving so we drove down for a day before Thanksgiving and stayed with John's parents. We got there later in the day on Saturday night. I got a manicure and pedicure earlier and we grabbed Chic Fil a and hit the road. We got into St George later that night and hung out. Sunday we relaxed and Monday we went to the park and Tuesday went shopping at Target and went to Costco. Daxton helped Grandma Carpenter set up Christmas decorations. Wednesday morning we got up early played with some cousins had breakfast and left for Vegas.

We got to Vegas and checked in to our Hotel and unpacked. We drove over to Downtown Summerlin and shopped. After we went back to our hotel room and got ready for our family Christmas pictures. After that was over we  went over to my brother Johnnies and had a tasty Greek dinner. It ws fun and the boys loved meeting McKenzie. 

The Next day was Thanksgiving. We hung out at the hotel room had our continental breakfast and then headed over to my parents, After a few hours we went over to Shelbys and had Thanksgiving dinner with everyone. It was fun. Good food we laughed alot. Took lots of pictures. After we went back to the house hung out at my parents had pie and looked at the black Friday ads and took a family Thanksgiving picture and then went back to the hotel. I hung out with Toni and let McKenzie fall asleep. Joe and Tammy drove into town that night and we met up with them in the morning,

The next day Joe Tammy the kids Jaclyn and Jordan met up with us at the Hotel and we all had breakfast together, We then all went black Friday shopping as well. We decided to go bowling with all of us Frustaci kids and after we ate at In N Out. After we went back to the house hing out and relaxed. After we all went over to Shelbys and watched Jurassic Park it was fun.

The next day we checked out of the hotel and Joe and Tammy and the kids left the night before.Toni gave the kids their Christmas presents and we chatted and then drove to St George. Jen and Josie were there and we hung out and had dinner. Dax loves Josie. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Family Christmas Pictures November 2015

Well we attempted Family Christmas pictures at my friends studio in Vegas.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I was really excited to see what it would be like to take professional pictures in a photo studio. We drove to Vegas that morning Wednesday the 24th the day before Thanksgiving. We checked into our hotel. Luckily we went shopping for the kids at Target a few days before.We decided to go shopping so I could grab a top to wear. We went to Downtown Summerlin an outdoor mall. I got a top at Forever 21. Dax unfortunately got constipated 20 minutes before we had to leave. It was the longest 20 minutes. We we're all trying to get ready and McKenzie had a nap to take as well. We eventually all got ready and left for the studio. I didn't know what to expect. I had never taken pictures at a photo studio. I had always taken them outside and had close friends and family take our pictures. This was a friend from Riverside who I grew up with. Daxton and McKenzie we're not having it. It was a disaster to say the least. When we did our ''Family Shot" we we're sitting in a tiny spot near a prop and it was so uncomfortable. The way we we're sitting and posing was just not natural. We made the best of it, Daxton would not smile. Not Once He was tired and grumpy, Anyway I took some with Daxton and John took some with McKenzie. It was an hour long photo shoot. I truly appreciate my friend helping us.


Monday, May 23, 2016

McKenzie 4 months December 2015

I swear 4 months came and went. McKenzie is laughing and it is the cutest! It all started on December 21st I was in the kitchen cleaning of course and all of the sudden I hear her full on laughing. John and Dax are playing catch with the football watching TV and McKenzie is going crazy and laughing uncontrollably it was the cutest! I even recorded it. She has started Rolling from back to tummy she is quite the pro. Literally she does it the second she is put down but she refuses to roll after she is on her tummy. McKenzie LOVES bubble baths. She loves splashing and playing It's adorable. McKenzie started rice cereal she wasn't really a fan but tried it and did better than Dax as a baby. She loves ceiling fans most babies do she stares at them for hours.  McKenzie HATES tummy time hates it. It's so sad.  Another opposite Dax loved it! We keep trying with her but I feel like when she's ready she will do it full on. Loves smiling it is so cute. I literally can't get enough. She is currently on a reflex med. She has been spitting up for the last 4 months so Dr Cox put her on a reflex med we will see how she does.She no longer likes Her bink she would rather be sucking on her fingers and thumbs. Sleeps 8 to 10 hours a night. It's heavenly. Loves blowing bubbles. Teething like crazy. Loves playing and laughing with brother. Loves taking her bink out of her mouth. She had her 4 month check up on December 29th Winter time and Snowing but we made it. Luckily it was in Orem so we didn't have to drive all the way to American Fork. The Check Up went great. McKenzie weighs 12 pounds and 15 oz 20th percentile. Length 23.8 18th percentile and head circumference 41.5 72th percentile my kids have BIG heads. Dr Cox was impressed that she had already started rolling from back to tummy. We talked about her "Spitting Up" and he said that she will slowly grow out of it around 6 months. He told us that we could try a reflex med to help. We talked about how how healthy she is and how she is progressing great. He told us that Dax growing pains will continue until he is at least 6. Sad for us and him. It was a great check up until the dreaded shots came. Luckily she was fine after we left. McKenzie is in 3 Month clothes and can fit in some newborn. She is in size 2 diapers.She loves Goldie and Bear, Mickey and Peppa Pig. Loves sleeping in the car and is still a total mommas girl. Loves cuddling and loves her Bumbo. McKenzie is fascinated by her big brother and loves laughing and playing with him. She is growing and learning more and more everyday. We love her so much and are so happy she is apart of our little family. We loved having her First Christmas as a 4 month old. Little babies and Christmas are so magical. We are excited to try "Rice Cereal" Until next month Keep growing McKenzie Lee