Friday, April 15, 2016

McKenzie First Halloween 2015

This was McKenzie first Halloween. We we're excited all day. We decided to finally carve our pumpkins in the morning John Daxtons and McKenzie we're perfect. Mine was well disgusting. Daxton did not want to touch the inside of the pumpkin at all. John did all the pumpkin carving (of course) and getting all the stuff out of the pumpkin. For some reason mine was sick so we threw it away. Ha. John carved everyone's. We took some silly cute pictures. After we went to Costco to buy all the food for McKenzie blessing since we we're blessing her the next day on Sunday November 1st. After we hung out Dax wanted to get into his costume so bad. But of course I made him wait. We got their pumpkin Halloween bowls out. Dax loved playing with it. Once it was 5pm we decided to get the kids in their costumes. John and I got ready and we headed out around 5:30. The sun was still out. John was a Steelers fan and I non intentional was a Cowgirl. We started around our neighborhood and slowly made our way to our Bishops house which is the furthest house (walking distance) we went to.We we're out for an hour and went to only our ward members houses and people that we knew. It was a lot of fun. The kids we're really good in the stroller. It was great weather too. By the time we we're done it was dark and we we're all ready to go home. The next day was McKenzie Blessing day so we we're anxious to get home. We got home and we watched Hocus Pocus and John passed out candy it was a fun night. McKenzie was the cutest little Kitty. I love creating memories with my little family. McKenzie was such a good girl in the stroller and stayed nice and warm. 


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