Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Weddings a Steeler Football game and a road trip to Cali October 2015

We had a busy October. The weekend of the 10th was crazy. Saturday October 10th we had 2 weddings. One in Provo for my best friend Megan. It was a hot sunny October day. McKenzie wore her only summer newborn dress. It was adorable. It was a bright fun Wedding. An outside wedding. The ceremony was beautiful all my friends from Summerwood. Elise Hannah and Court. Everyone was excited to see McKenzie. The reception was fun and relaxing. Brick oven catered it. Sodalicious  catered it too. Cake and Ice cream. We had to leave early because we had another wedding to go to. So off we went left Provo on to South Weber for John's cousin wedding Shalese. The drive was good. The kids slept and it was a backyard wedding at 4pm. Perfect timing and weather. Brandon her brother affiliated the ceremony. It was beautiful. After we visited with family and ate chicken salad sandwiches veggies fruits and Cake. We had to leave soon after so that we could go back down to Santaquin. 



 We changed into comfys loaded the car filled up at Chevron and I drove us to Beaver. We stopped for dinner and ate at Wendy's. And of course fed McKenzie. After John drove the rest of the way. Well the road trip took a turn for the worse. The kids both had it and started screaming. Poor Dax growing pains started up. But we had been driving from 10am on. We felt so bad for the kids. We finally got to hurricane around 11pm we stopped at Wal-Mart and bought Dax some growing pain medicine. Then made it to my in-laws. Brought our stuff in and went to bed. What a long day.

The next morning we drove to Las Vegas. It was a quick visit. We visited and then was back on the road. We stopped at Jack in the box and stopped for gas. Another 5 hours we finally made it to Joe's. I was so happy my mom and Joe and his cute family could finally meet 6 week old McKenzie. When we got there Dax was so excited to get out of the car and run around and play with Paulo and Nicolette. After we got there Tammy announced she was pregnant with baby #3 due in February. I wasn't surprised and I guessed boy John hissed girl. We got settled and decided to go to the park. It was really fun. A huge big park. We played frisbee took picts had the kids play on the swings sandbox an slides. After went to the store and grabbed stuff for dinner. We had spaghetti salad bread. My mom and I made dinner together it was fun. After Tammy made brownies with the boys. Paulo and Dax helped it was cute.  That night we hung out watched some TV and talked.


The next day was Game Day. John and I were so excited. We got ready and left by noon. Before we left I cleaned The kitchen and swept the floors. We met our friends at Cheesecake Factory for lunch it was an outdoor mall. I loved it. We saw so many steeper fans. It was awesome. After lunch we walked down to their hotel. It was nice very older and beachy I loved it. It was nice to sit down and relax. After an hour or so we left and walked down to the trolley. We saw all the other Steeper and Charger fans. It was hot especially for October and we'll in California. It was so surreal being in a Football stadium. It was something we both crossed off our bucket list and do together. We were so happy. We took pictures and looked down on the field. The game was incredible. We sat by mostly Steelers fans of was awesome. They are very loyal fun and loud we loved It. The Steelers won the game. We cheered so loud. It was such a great moment. After we got back on the trolley and John grabbed our car in the parking garage and we stopped at Jack in the box for a late dinner. We decided not to eat at the stadium. We grabbed my mom some food and asked Tammy if they wanted anything  for watching Dax and McKenzie. We hung out talked about the game.

The next morning we left it was bittersweet. We were stuck in traffic. We stopped in Bakersfield at Ihop. Dax wanted funny face pancakes fun to have breakfast for lunch. After we drove to to Vegas and stopped at my parents. We had pizza and hung out out for a few hours. We got I'm the road around 7pm and drove to St George. We were so tired. We hung out a bit and went to bed. We left the next morning and drove home. We were home in the early afternoon. Such a fun trip. McKenzie slept great for being such a long story trip in the car. I did laundry unpacked and we relaxed the rest of the night.

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